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Michael Johnson
staff writer - Michigan

Well, what can I say about me?  I love music.  Itís that easy.  I canít recall a time in my life when I was without music of some sort, whether it was the B-52ís when they first got popular, or when I heard the first screams of Billy Idolís guitarist, Steve
Stevens.  Back then, Billy Idol type of music was the heavy stuff.  It called me with it siren song of loudness and leather and, burying my 80ís pop music in the backyard to rot, I answered.

After many years of fighting with my parents as an adolescent about this ďmusic with an edgeĒ, I finally was left to my own wants, whether they be to ďrot in hellĒ or to get back on the PMRC bandwagon and listen to some good old Perry Como.  Hell awaits, I suppose, but if thatís the case, I think it will be worth it. Oddly enough, I didnít pursue a career in music and to this day, I donít understand why.  I spent six years in the US Navy working in an engine room and enjoyed it.  When I got out, I went to school for a couple years for computers and again, shifting gears, took a job servicing boilers.  Thatís where I am now.

Through all of this, music has been a large influence.  Iíve seen a lot of changes in the music industry and tried as well as I could to keep up with everything.  The most recent discovery (three years ago) was the vein of European metal.  I was in a rut trying to figure out what to buy next and, almost by accident, happened upon Cradle of Filth, Theatre of Tragedy, and Moonspell and it was all over.  The floodgates sprung from their hinges and the debit card went wild and to this day, I am still amazed at some of the stuff I almost missed out on.

So where does this leave us?  A serviceman for a boiler company writing for an online magazine!  An outcast?  Maybe.  A music lover who would love to share views and ideas?  Definitely!

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