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Dallas, Texas

Having travelled to France, England, Scotland, Italy ,(being first  generation italian) and all over the U.S., Sonia has an appreciation for the different types of industrial, darkwave, EBM music and styles that  hail from each country. She is an avid reader of esoterica and dark erotica. Sculpting, drawing and  photography are the mediums she conveys her sight through. Though  writing  is what she extracts her greatest joy from. Playing her guitar, dancing and  the silent film star Louise Brooks are her favorite interests. Modeling is a flattering pastime

Aside from the catwalk she has appeared on three separate t-shirt concepts by Gothic Designs, an HBO special on Goths and Sex in New Orleans, a  demoness in Chaos Comics First video, and may be seen on MTV's The Real  World, New Orleans, this June. She is also a lifestyle dom who feels industrial music is a MUST during her sessions, who also performed her skills at dominance on stage before a considerable audience and the camera.

She greatly enjoys "La Bad Cinema".  She avidly supports the gothic scene, having experienced it both nationally and internationally. With the belief that you have to be good for yourself  before you are good for anyone else and that there are freedoms for those such as we who derive our pleasures from all the aspects of life. No matter if you prefer the lighter or the darker side of things.

In conclusion Sonia Leonard continues to try to live her life as an epic,  taking in as much experience as possible without loosing it's substance, in Dallas, Tx.

"Lulu's life is the closest you'll get to mine." -Louise Brooks

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