From Blu, posted originally to the GothCon email list:

First and foremost –  love goes out to Snow, for having the vision and the guts to pull through with this thing a second year. It was a million times better and promises to be much more in the years to come. I could never do what you do – you amaze me You’re brave and beautiful and completely incredible. So grand to see you succeed knowing where we came from. I do believe a rousing “neener neener neener told you we could do it” is in order. ::sigh::: smooooooooooooooooooooooooches… Rest up and take care of  yourself momma. :)

To the staff and volunteers – my god you people are angels. None of this happens without you.

Tommy – you were precious fretting over the tiniest details all weekend… but man, you pulled it off. It rocked. You did good.. now admit it and smile. Thanks for the hard work and sleepless nights.

To the vendors – I love that you made me spend my rent money! Its SUCH an effort for everyone to drag all that merchandise around the country. I appreciate that you do and tried to spread my money around as much as possible. The wealth of talent floors me – Shyla… geezus those dolls are beautiful. Maybe one day I can afford a whole collection. Kisses to your mother too – she was wonderful. Satan – the floggers are tempting as always – incredible quality. Leonardo – you got away without me buying something – I’ll have to order online

Skitch – thanks for the new ink. I cant wait to have you add to it next year. To the rest of the Apocalypse Theater – you guys are the real deal  - no one LIVES this life like you do. I wish everyone were as genuine as you all are.

To Bella Morte – for being THE  most incredibly contagious bands I’ve ever seen …  for the smiles, constant laughter and energy. I don’t think I’ll ever feel as good as I did whilst standing among you just soaking in the good vibes. I aspire to live life as happily as you three do. Andy – for being the dancing, thrashing maniac that you are and having the balls to cover Celine Dion (I’ve NEVER laughed so hard in my life), to Gopal who’s smile lights up the world – here’s to the girl and the future, to Bn and your quiet humbleness and rock star hair. To the girls in the front row that screamed with guys rock.

To The Cruxshadows for having been constant friends and always greeting me with open arms, for your wonderful and silly worries over how good your set was going to be (of course you rocked the house!) and to the fans for piling in so tight I couldn’t get any decent pictures --- THAT’s impressive. Thanks for being so responsive to your listeners. I admire that more than  you know.  I miss you guys. Special thanks to Chris for putting up with me and all the hugs over the weekend.

To Written in Ashes –  you rocked! Thanks for traveling so far and letting everyone at GothCon know that the Pacific Northwest has a lot of talent to look forward to.  Vampire Nation, Frederick – nice to finally meet the man behind the beautiful music. Second Skin – thanks for the gifts and we’ll talk soon.

Jeff and Janice of Neue Republik, thanks for being such sweethearts. To Voltaire for the constant witty humor. It wouldn’t be a goth convention without your presence.

Algernon – for making me cry in the lobby with your touching all-too-familiar stories. You managed to turn me into a sobbing mushy mess in the matter of minutes. I have no doubt you’ll succeed at everything you’re setting out to do. I only hope I can support you as much as  you support all of us.

To Joe for the cleavage shot… (I’m afraid to see where that will end up)… and the good hugs.

To the Atlanta contingent for just being there --- Russ (our gothfather), Herb, Eileen, John,  Lilith, March, Stacy, Scott, Kitten, Julianna, Frank, (and I know I’m forgetting someone)… I miss you guys.

To Carrie Monster for being SO fabulous (no, YOU rock!) and for bringing Boa. Heh. I want Boa for Christmas. Clone him please.

To Batty – you’re the uber of uber goths, I can never get enough batty bumpin’… <winkwink> You’re my hero. To the “B” couch! Boone- thanks for the tips on hair-dryers....tee hee.

To Rane – for being my walking billboard all weekend Your enthusiasm and eagerness to help is impressive.

To Talon for paying up on our bet – glad I was right.

To Gamma, an anniversary for friendship and for being my constant inspiration for smiles & happiness this weekend – I don’t think I could ever laugh so hard at Neil Young at 8am; and for stripping down and risking being busted by the cops for the sake of shock rock… whoo hoo.

To my StarVox staff members – Sabrina, Alexavier, Anthony, Jett and Sonya – thanks for everything. It was great to get to hang out with you guys in that environment. You mean the world to me. You’re my backbone.
Here’s to next year…


Memorable out-of-context quotes:
 “I want to ride the donkey!” – Sonya
 “I’m a Trivia Question!” – Batty
 “There’s nothing wrong with vaginal fisting” – Gabriel
  “I saw. I whistled. I’m hungry.”  - Blu
  “I eat corn” – Talon (BVL)
  “I’ll pay you $5,000 to strangle my wife. You don’t have to kill her, just scare her.” – New Orleans Cab driver.

From: Brindle & Mark
Exerpts taken from letter posted originally to the GothCon email list:

Just adding my 2 cents to the other rave reviews of the great weekend.  I had a *fabulous* time and I will not miss another one!  I didn't go to GothCon2000 - in fact I don't even remember how I heard of GothCon2001 - maybe off of the DallasGothList (which I lurk on as well) or Cyberina. Considering most of the people at GothCon seemed to be from ATL and already knew each other in groups, I think everyone was really friendly.

Everyone was very friendly even though I don't know approachable ~I~ seemed most of the time.  We managed to meet a few people that are from our area - Sonya from FTW and Gabriel from Dallas.  Can't believe we have never met you guys before but you are *definitely* on our next party list!  And we met Scott & Jennifer from Kansas City and Tim - who thought my boi was a great new squeaky-toy!  (Tim, Mark is a great squeaky-toy!  Feel free!  We are ~that~ way!)  It was nice seeing people that I already knew as well - Cyberina, Per and Joe Christ, Nancy Collins and Dawn.  I have known Joe for years - he only
gets freakier with time!

From being around the Dallas goth scene for so long, I guess I became immune to the people who dress up here.  Most of the goths in Dallas seem to be corp-goths and don't really dress up much.  And as a "Corp-Vegan-Hippie-Goth" myself, I don't dress up much.  But seeing ALL OF YOU GUYS dressed up so fabulously has inspired me to spend a little more time on myself.  I did dress up a bit more than I normally do this weekend and it made me feel good.  Of course Mark funding that great new corset for me this weekend did a LOT for my self-image. This is my first "real" corset.  Very nice.

Before this weekend we had never heard of Voltaire and I must say that I feel like experiencing his show was the highlight of the trip.  We first met him at the Corp-Goth panel discussion.  How can he be THAT successful, charming, intelligent and friendly??  Mark & I both *instantly* fell in love with him!  I have been listening to his music NON-STOP since I returned.  <slits her wrists>  Of course once we get back and tell our dorky friends about Voltaire, they are  like "sure, we have heard of him - we read his comics".  Pricks.  Anyway, glad we got to meet him and experience his show.  I will definitely pay for copies of his show on tape!!!  <must have>

We liked all of the bands - the ones we got to see anyway. BellaMorte was dreamy!  All of the vendors were great and I am sure we will purchase more now that we are back and don't have to use cash.   I was referencing that before it was taken down.  I would like to see more industrial bands or just wacky noise.

SNOW, I would like to give you a sincere thank you - for everything!!  The circumstances of our meeting were kinda bad - first with Mark leaving his Goth-pass and then our missing camera.  But you are WONDERFUL!!!  I had NO idea you were pregnant too!  Hats off to you Girl for being so with it.  You are going to be the *best* mom.

Anyway, I really wish that I could have met more of you.  There is always next year though
Brindle & Mark

From ::Cyberina Flux::, posted originally to the GothCon email list:

Things I learned from GothCon 2:

* 150+ people wearing big fake hair and smoking in room with no ashtrays is NOT a prescription for spontaneous combustion.
* When placed in a panel discussion on being a scene promoter, I can't stop talking.
* Bella Morte really IS as good live as I was told
* Rick from The Last Dance has a better hairdo every time I see him.
* You can have a mullet and not impair your ability to have a wildly popular gothic rock band.
* Female fisting is a great way to liven up a conversation.
* Angeli's is the best food in NOLA on a budget.
* Bella Morte action figures are a great idea, but Bella Morte blow-up dolls are better!
* Michael Jackson's Thriller should be spun in Goth clubs nationwide.
* If your friend pukes on the sidewalk in the Quarter, tourists WILL take pictures.

Like everyone else, I'd like to say a few words to some folks:

Gabriel - While I see you all the time here at home, it was MUCH FUN  hanging out with you most of the weekend at GothCon, too. I never ever  get much of a chance to thank you for all of the help you give for the  events I do here in Dallas, so I want to thank you here in front of  hundreds of people. You're beautiful, you're funny, and you're a great  friend.

CarrieMonster - It was great to finally meet you after hearing so many good things from various friends. Keep up the fun, and I look forward to seeing you again soon..  Hopefully in Tulsa, but if not, then Chi-town with Blu for that Starvox  Live (or just for the hell of it)!

Reverend Strangerz - Glad to have met you. I really enjoyed our conversations Friday evening! You win the award for the fellow Starvox staff I met the quickest in perspective to their coming on board. I definitely hope to run into you more as the time passes. Lemme know when you plan to make it down here to Dallas!

The vendor crew - Specifically Tritthardt, Joe Christ, Batty, and Ragdolly. While I already knew Batty, it was great seeing her, as always. It was great meeting Tritthardt and Joe Christ.. I look forward to having you down in June, Joe, and Tritthardt please do let me know when you are ready to make the trip. And Ragdolly, I will wear my dreads with pride.. Thanks for the $60 worth of fake hair.

The attendees of the scene promotions panel - Thanks for not  bitchslapping me when I got to talking SOOO goddamned much.. It was nice  meeting all of you. Look for an invite to a nationwide promoter's
mailing list, and hopefully I'll be talking with all of you (and  hopefully doing a little work with all of you) in the near future.

The Apox Theatre Clan - Skitch, Carlos, Hope, Kami, etc.. It was WONDEFUL to see you guys again. Hope the new house works out like a dream for you, and do please keep in touch. As always, you're welcome down in Dallas anytime! And Skitch.. I *will* be getting some work next time I run into you.

The Last Dance crew - Rick, Jeff, Ivan, and Peter. I'm really glad I got to see you guys again this time around because I was unable to make  it out to Houston or SATX to see you. I love you and already started to  miss you on Saturday.. Please do let me know how the SATX show went!  Ivan, I hope you enjoy the Tito and the Tarantula's CD. And you guys,  please do tell Robert that I said hello, and that I'll miss all of our  conversations about synth-music. Please let me know next time you guys  make it this direction again.

Blu - Welp, our annual get together has come and regrettably gone.  Hopefully we'll get the chance to meet up at least twice more this year.. I'm going to MAKE you come down to Dallas to visit me, and hopefully we'll get to meet up in Chi-town again soon. And then Seattle.. MUSTN'T forget that I need to make my way up to Seattle to visit YOU. I have to say, I'm DAMN PROUD to be your earstwhile  assistant.. Its been a year and a half now, and hopefully many more to  come. You rock. You rock. You rock.

Jett & Sonya - Of course, its always a blessing to see Jett. Now that he lives so far away, the moments are even more precious. But now that I've met Sonya, I see how she so easily stole him from us Texans  You're amazing positive energy, girl. I'm glad you two are happy up there even though he's now a 4 hour plane ride away as opposed to a 4 hour drive away.

Anthony - Golly guy, I'm so glad to have finally met you after all this time working on Starvox together. I enjoyed our conversations even though I kept feeling like I was saying stupid things out of sleep deprivation. I do hope to catch you again soon.. Let's not make it another year and a half before we meet again!

Last but not least, Snow - DAMN GIRL! I did not get the opportunity to officially meet you as you were quite busy all weekend long, but I do still want to speak with you. I'll wait a little while, though, as I would imagine you are still EXTREMELY busy. But know this: Next time, I am more than willing to help you with next year's events wherever you may need it. I even come with some good event-throwing references: Blu, Jett, Batty-Houston, The Last Dance, CarrieMonster, and others.. But I'll talk to you about that later..

I only wish I could have met more of you.

::CyBeRiNa FLuX:: - Assistant Editor - Production Assistant - Coordinatrix

From Jet Black, posted originally to the GothCon email list:
(photos by Sonya and Blu)

GothCon 2001, New Orleans - March 16th - 18th

We all know that the celebrations kicked off prior to the 16th and for many have yet to find an end, even this late into the week... many more stories remain yet untold.

Things I learned from GothCon 2:

* rum and coke at Gothcon bar = 9 parts rum, 1 part coke. Same with the amaretto sours ; )
* Bella Morte
goddamn! they blew me away... totally reminescent goth-punk feeling.. only, now the vocals I can understand and even more so...they are soooo beautiful. In general, the cover tunes chosen to be peformed by the various artists at Gothcon 2001 were not only well-chosen, they were also exceptionally well-performed live! kudos and bravos! to all!

 Bella morte's lead vocalist... I'm not familiar with the band, I'll admit that... i certainly will seek to change this! the lead vocalist... I saw myself saying to Sonya and more to myself,"You know, I could look like that. All i need to do is to get into the gym and work out... a LOT”

This was my first time to see The Last Dance. It won't be the last. Rick is sexy, and he plays a left handed bass guitar. I didn't know this before the show. I see myself in Rick. I want to be Rick! Many favourites heard wafting through the Main Ballroom were written and  performed by The Last Dance.

I want a TLD Rick action figure! and I want Written in Ashes action  figures. imagine that Kevyn Hay sweating with micro in hand. Pete Guzzardi jamming on guitar! David Battrick driving the beats into the hearts of all on percussion. and Joga, the boy-wonder, danicing at the keys... complete with removeable shirt and tie!

I had an opportunity to watch WIA warming up before the show.. so, standing backstage, I saw Written in Ashes really dancing from... well, from the backside/ profile view ; ) anyway I could really see David Battrick and his wonderful cheshire smile as he was totally into the percussion... and I saw Joga/Michael dancing behind the keyboards in a manner I have NOT seen since David Sebrind of Dissonance both of whom i absolutely adore for how animated they each become in unleashing the music from beneath the keys! Pete rocks my world every time out! Pete Guzzardi reflects guitar stylings and animation that true guitar rock afficianados will appreciate time and again. Ash, like Joga/Michael (who are both technically new to Written in Ashes) ... Ash brings an attractive style that reminds me of William Faith trance-like infusions into the music. Ash is only 'technically' new to Written in Ashes. A veteran of Nocturne PDX, Ash has performed with various members of Written in Ashes who were in Nocturne PDX. Portland itself is a micro-cosm to MANY gothic industrial, darkwave, electronic music groups that have swapped members like some people swap spouses and formed and reformed new relationships and in the progression of it all, come to be very supportive of one anothers children (so to speak). Some musicians see their bands as their children, or their songs as their children. Nocturne PDX has had members floating into Sumerland, Noxious Emotion, Written in Ashes, Trance to the Sun, Diao, and perhaps several others I've not mentioned... all of these have recordings available and all are wonderful reflections of the diversity and strength within the gothic industrial community of the Pacific Northwest. Doppler Effectprovides several compilations of Pacific Northwest g/i  darkwave/electronic artists.

Ash, by the way, recently comes to Written in Ashes from Trance to the Sun. and is skilled with electronic devices, electric bass, electric guitar, and vocals. Seven albums, and 12 compilations appearances, one of which, ( The Unquiet Grave vol. 1 ) featuring both Written in Ashes and Trance to the Sun!!

Both David Battrick and Pete Guzzardi came out of Portland's Monochrome music group... (extinct)

Side-bar: I met another Monochrome-ex a few months ago during his  performance in another wonderful local band: Nancy Loves Sugar.

Written in Ashes - the GothCon experience:

Neither Sonya nor I have EVER seen Written in Ashes perform as they did  Sunday evening in New Orleans March 18 after 10 p.m. Sonya and I have both seen and heard vocalist Kevyn Hay contribute a few words of poetry on occasion... but never like this... From beginning to end, the performance was so seamless as to never once leave a moment of pregnant silence, which were so well avoided with brief interludes (much like Shakespeare) of rhymed poetry which brought Kevyn down from the 3 foot high stage and into the remnants of GothCon fanatics gathered about the foot of the stage and back into the shadows of the Main Ballroom wherein Kevyn travelled slowly greeting each patron with delicately intoned poetry and the occasional bold gesture of his hand upon the fabric of so many fine raiments worn especially for that the last evening of GothCon 2001. Kevyn Hay, the sexy bard all dressed in black spinning endless lines of poetry... allusions to literary text? Perhaps some more scholarly than I would recognise the references... as for myself, all I can say is that my feet rarely touched the ground throughout the entire Written in Ashes performance. My only regret is that in my enchantment, I forgot to withdraw my camera after the show for candid shots in the lobby  wherein all members of Written in Ashes were separately floating about, very generously meeting with those who were able to remain for this final live music performance on the Gothcon 2001 schedule.

Gabriel - thru the many years, now.. I have admired Gabriel Kim for her support, her beauty, and demeanour at so many gothic Events throughout North America. She's attended many more than I, to my envy. I have always felt so very fortunate to attend each one as it's always a struggle. I was so comforted and surprised to find a fellow Dallas Goth list member in Toronto for Convergence 4, the first Convergence I was able to attend, or even knew about at that time... and there she was so very friendly and always so modest. I've never spent as much time with Gabriel in conersation as at Gothcon 2001 and I know now the regret of not taking more initiative and boldness and have missed out on a more gratifying friendship in the past.

I am slow to warm up, I suppose, despite what others may think of my outgoing appearances. My greatest fantasy is always the conversations we have together over dinner. I live for that and really, more than anything else, this is why I fight so hard against the odds to make it to our annual gothic gatherings. I live to spend more time with you all over dinner. It's a slow advance through the many meetings we have shared in passing from one event to another... but if I live long enuf, I will have these wonderful conversations with many more friends and acquaintenances.

CarrieMonster - I learn more and more from you with every meeting and every  email! Years and years ago... perhaps in the height of my memories of  goth-punkdom, when I had flight benefits through the job my mother had then  (which god I wish were still the case!) I visited Chi-town... people stared  and stared, and stared at my 9 3/4 inch ; ) mohawk in all its brilliance and  really... that bothered me. So I left that same afternoon after having  ascending the Sear's Tower just to feel the sway ... never sticking around  to see what would crawl out at night... i regret this too now... as i am  certain I would have found as many new friends there as i did in Manhatten  to which I next retreated. I have read so much of what sam Rosenthal and others have written about the scene dynamics of chi-town as compared to other centers like LA... and now I believe it reflects a good deal of what i appreciate here in Portland... I hope to venture out to Chi-town to make my own first-hand comparsons soon. I'll want to as
k you, Carrie to do my make up.. as I so much adore yours! And I am too blind now to do my own with any appreciable develoments.

Reverend Strangerz - Glad to have met you. I very much imagined you as a scrawny rivethead type dj perhaps with the exclusionary attitude to match.... and found instead a very warm and personable friend who happens to be wearing my boots! heh heh. You have the good fortune to flit about the states in search of good fellowship in music scenes... and hopefully where you find it lacking, you will carry forth and instill into those community the good news that co-operation brings mutually beneficial successes.

So many people having to make it back to the daily grind on Monday the 19th, missed music performed Sunday evening... which is unfortunate for both the artists who trek out so far for the support, as well as for the audience who misses out on the diversity brought in by artists whom they have not reviously had opportunities to see perform live.

Written in Ashes LIVE, by the way, is so very different now from the ecorded material produced prior to the advent of Joga and Ash into the Written in Ashes line-up. I love Written in Ashes as I saw them last summer, I love them even more now. Different musicians change the overall outcome. The significance here now is that as described by Written in Ashes tried and true veterans... is that Written in Ashes now has the cohesion and singularity that supports that cohesion that produces the  harmony that will carry them forward now as a single unit to fans all over  the globe. Written in Ashes has always produced powerful performances  developing contagious epidemics of dancing and flirtatious fun between  audience and artists..... now Written in Ashes is truly "in the zone", climbing to the zenith. One can almost feel the heat burning against the wings that lift Written in Ashes into the stars above.

Another Gothcon newcomer which I found provided an exceptionally surprising performance is Kali Yuga I didn't have much time to spend waiting for  audio to download.. and that's not a practice of mine AT ALL anyway... so  really w/o a cd on hand to test them out before GothCon 2001, all I had was  the images and the history of Kali Yuga from a press release emailed to me  from the artists. The press release details alone caught my attention and  drew me into the Main Ballroom to catch the live Kali Yuga performance circa  6 p.m. Saturday evening. Kali Yuga presented a set of songs which for  everyone gathered, I would say left us all hungry for many more songs from  Kali Yuga. The dramatic stylings of vocalist Riley Bordelon provided for  the uber-gothic appeal that spread out upon the audience... I really would  like to have seen Riley come down into the audience... and had thought that  maybe some steps down from the stage would have helped all the artists make  direct contact more easily. Even without stepping down into the audience  though... one could feel the interactions betw
een Riley and the fans most of  whom were seeing Kali Yuga perhaps for the very first time.

Kali Yuga band mates quickly picked up on the applause and we could see the smiles warming over their faces as the bass and lead guitarists dug deeper into the riffage.

Within minutes, an attending independent gothic/industrial label exec. Was asking, "Are they signed?" Kali Yuga has progressed from concept to construction, to providing warm up support for Attrition, The Last dance, and certainly many others... Here now at Gothcon 2001, they have shown that they can headline anywhere, as well as provide warm-up support for more favourites in the future.

Percussions is often a coin toss these days. I enjoyed the programmed percussions of Kali Yuga, though i believe also that Live percussions would make Kali Yuga incredibly scintillating, and rather comparable to Written in Ashes.

Mark Williams, on keys behind all his band mates, moves forward in the middle of the set to pick up on the energy and carry his own style into the audience.. and here I almost believe that Mark would launch right into the audience as he crouchs at the foot of the stage and coils all of his energy tightly into the spring-shield of his tall frame. Perhaps the moment was lost when vocal control levels seemed unprepared for Mark's advance to the foot of the stage with the second micro and that deprived the audience of his volume, though the energy was certainly thrilling to watch.

In closing out their set, Kali Yuga revived an old favourite by the Bolshoi - "Away" which left us all cheering with thunderous applause. I hope to see Kali Yuga perform again with another 20 - 30 minutes tacked onto their set.

The vendor crew - Many thanks to all the Vendors and particularly to Snow for her selections in arrangements and location. The vendor room at GothCon 2001 was ALIVE it had a life of it's own, breathing, interacting and communicating with everyone who passed through again and again... a seriously competitive attraction to even the LIVE music in the Main Ballroom mere inches away. The vendors themselves would step forward this year to interact with the crowds pressing against tables and wearing deep paths into the carpeted floors. The only detraction from the vendors room this year other than the panels and live performances was New Orleans itself with the vast variety of consumer opportunities.

Promoters panel: What this will do beyond the obvious opportunities for us to learn from one anothers mistakes and achievements is also to allow us each to know exactly who to refer out to when artists ask for suggestions as to whom to contact in such and such city I know that via Nocturnal Movements we have laboured to keep contact files, which are difficult to maintain and update... within the collective promotors forum that Cyberina is developing we'll be able to quickly reference who's active and reliable in the underground to date, and if there's a question as to who would be best to refer to in such and such city? then a quick post would likely yeild as qucik a response to meet the pressing needs of artists touring into territory for the first time, or, for the likes of Apox Theatre, their 1000th national tour.

Nearly a dozen web addresses, here's three goodies:

… and Please put Portland on the performance schedule next time out into the Pacific northwest. I hear the show Apox did with the circus folks Friday night at HiHo in NOLA was a sensation!! Sonya and I missed that one, unfortunately... though I heard about it again and again the next day and all day Sunday.

Blu - You rock. You rock. You rock. You're so sweet I could lick you! and only hope that in doing so osmosis would bring into me your savvy and skills from your promotional juices. Blu Ashton, for those who haven't seen the light of a computer screen much less the light of day for the past two years, manages and edits, promotes both Starvox LIVE and Starvox Presents music events across North America with an interest in reaching more and more  gothic music fans in more cities with more great music that the market can  certainly handle! If you have gothic/industrial/darkwave etc music that  needs exposure, you need to get it to Starvox! Starvox not only places your  music and printed materials with dj's and promotors and fans who attend  Starvox events, Starvox also sells music on the web for artists who provide  the music to Starvox to be sold... there are many places on the web to sell  your music. starvox is currently selling gothic industrial music with only  the costs of postage kept back to cover the expense of getting your music  into the hand of your fans. Plus, Starvox offers the lowest priced banner advertisements I have found Anywhere on the net thanks to the s
ponsorship of VersusMedia.

Francis - Thirteen13  -- God was never as sexy as Francis! ... I'm definitely looking forward to your next garment acquisition, Frank! Sonya and the girls and I have been discussing it with some feverish delight.. and we must hear more about this very soon!

Cyberina and Per! So wonderful to share dinner with you again!!! Texas has one (and only one) promotor in whom all my confidence with Texas remains. Her name is Cyberina Flux. If you know, then you know exactly what I mean when I say that her competence brings forth some of the very best and most fun music events in North Texas. She knows her way around dj booths all over Dallas clubs and Sat 12 a.m - 4 a.m. on the air guest dj'ing with DJ Stereotype at KNON's Grey Zone broadcasting on fm 89.3 with more than 50,000 watts of power on a good day...and also throughout Texas, Cyberina Flux has made an impact spreading her dj and promotional skills and the good news of  She can build a computer from shit that you and I would simply throw away.. she's incredibly resourceful and the most intelligent and intuitive promotor that I have ever  seen grow up in Texas. If you don't already know her, your schedule needs to include communications with Cyberina Flux .

Anthony - also of -- Many of you attending Gothcon 2001 may have met Anthony at the Starvox table in the back of the vendors' room... dark hair, dark skin, very handsome... and overall the kind of guy girl's want to meet in the first place! Anthony is so very charming, disarmingly so, too... my mind tends to wander a bit when he's around.. I look forward to these moments and still try to keep a respectful distance.

Several artists I caught only the last portions of their shows as the trek back from the French Quarter time and again took away from time at the venue.

Cruxshadows - I have been raving about Rogue ever since GothCon 2000 and yet somehow managed to miss The Cruxshadows first tour out to the west coast... so Finally, more than 2500 miles later, I am able to introduce to Sinya The Cruxshadows - so much gratitude to Snow for bringing them back to GothCon!! I even missed The Cruxhadows at C5 at the HOB! and I hear that so many others from the Dallas Goth List having dinner AT the HOB missed that same performance as well. Every opportunity to see The Cruxshadows perform LIVE is an invigorating moment that must be seized with both hands and any claws that may protrude from your boots as well!

Seraphim Shock - again we caught the last three songs .. and moving over to the profile perspective again by the GothCon bar... we were able to see that which those who had arrived earlier were gathered to see... (the crowd so large, tall and deep as to provide too much of an impediment to vision to  actually see Seraphim Shock at all from the back of the room.

Charles Edward is now leaner and more hungry for the interactions with the Seraphim Shock audience than ever before! The stage show this year appears to be more strategically planned and harmonised with the impact of the music itself. Seraphim Shock appears to have accomplished the apex of the underground rock fantasy and would certainly plummet headlong into nationally recognised tours, full media exposure andall the trappings of success that fans often dread happening to their favoured musicians. All the same, I express with no mixed emotions the deepest admirations for Seraphim Shock and cheers them on into the spotlight as the music carries us all ahead into the fervour of stardom fascinations. Seraphim Shock has it all and appears to be hungry for the next big bite all the media waits to capture and expose on film.

Vampire Nation - I want to see much more of Vampire Nation in upcoming tours through the south and out west, farther away from the Pittsburg scene which must want for more tours into its scene itself.  Vampire Nation was the first to cut the teeth of the sound team volunteering  its time to the cause. And much praise should be given to those who devoted  their energies and skills to the purpose of providing sound and lighting for  all the performing artists at GothCon 2001. The history of Vampire Nation  provides for a great deal of fascination and intrigue. I would like to see  more development to fill the stage for a live show than VN could lend to  this performance. The music itself is beautiful. The performance needs  more than sound to maintain the attention of hundreds of music fest fanatics throughout an entire set of songs.

Neurepublik & Gamma of the Blessed Virgin Larry - the performance was  incredible particularly considering that the two personalities of  Neurepublik and Gamma had not ever had an opportunity to rehearse  together... Neurepublik located in Dayton, Ohio... and The Blessed Virgin  Larry performing in Florida. The stories that only Gamma can tell about what happened immediately after this performance.. heh heh are perhaps the MOST memorable of all that I have  heard and shared at Gothcon 2001.

Neurepublik brings on board a live guitarist of great skill... with any electronic artists, I want to watch as the studio projekt evolves and jumps through the hoops of a "live" music group... challenges all live bands must face in order to grow an audience from the ground up.

Jeff Blanks - again, Thanks for all the wonderful times we spent discussing music and details past, present, and future.  These times mean so much as really It's still such a new experience to me to  spend time with the few people that i have known for years and also shared  several to many experiences with during those years. I've flitted about  like a butterfly across the globe all my life... but these last years at  Gothic festivals have been a series of experiences during which i see many  of the same faces again and again... and although we see one another only  annuaully to semi-annually... it's the most wonderful feeling to be able to know that we shared something togetherr and can talk about it again as we share something new again and again. I've really never had this with such abundance and frequency outside of this great gothic fellowship.

Snow - words won't lay thickly enuf the praise and admiration I have for what Snow has accomplished, circumventing challenges, overcoming odds that would bring others into despairing pitfalls... and certainly with everything that transpired prior to March 2001, it would have been understandable to crumble in the midst... and yet nothing managed to dissuade Snow from besting the accomplishments of GothCon 2000 with the advent of GothCon 2001.

All throughout these events, with Gabriel Kim and Jeff Blanks and others who made it to C4 in Toronto... I have compared and reminesced that Gothcon 2001 is the MOST fun, most well planned and executed gothic music event I have had the pleasure of attending since the intimacy and zeal of Convergence 4 in Toronto. I missed the Dark Cotillion last Halloween... though I will add that I was enjoying an exhilerating Written in Ashes performance during that  celebration... devastating night of endless drink and passion... I understand that Snow will pull Dark Cotillion back again this year ... having missed New Orleans halloweeny events with some many friends who make the annual trek to NOLA for that weekend... I am ever more compelled now to attend knowing that Snow will exorcise and navigate our attention toward another marvelous gothic-friendly festival in NOLA!

More power to Snow for all her adventures in bringing to us all these fantastic music festivals. Reach out and offer your support to Snow in any capacity... one thing I learn again and again (i often forget) is to never assume anything. Support that which supports your interests!! Play the lottery, Win money, Give to Seraphim Productions!

We folk in the USA need Seraphim Productions (GothCon, Dark Cotillion, etc.) to thrive and bring to all year after year many more fantastic productions. And locally, find promotions worthy of your support and make these the recipients of your charitable donations of time, volunteer services, interest, and financial contributions.

And for up and coming promotors, learn from Snow and others who have  surmounted odds you will certainly encounter. Reach out and communicate directly email, telephone, and even the bold "Hello!' when in-person opportunties avail are in sight. You may also wish to join the forum gathering and developing by contacting

Monday was a sad day indeed... most all had evacuated the bldg long beforewe climbed out of bed. Others returned to their ports of call on Sunday,and even earlier for a few others. Monday was a very lonely afternoon. Someday, I want to be able to arrive even earlier, or stay later... Nick Cave performs in NOLA again Thursday... and now again I will miss that opportunity. Sonya feels so well the pain and grief I try so well to hide in the wake of realising again that GothCon 2001 is over... the doors are closed, and al the fans and musicans and promotors and volunteers have gone home.

The French Quarter will always be there, but never so welcoming as when trailing along with a gaggle of hungry Goths in a hurry! So many faces, so little time.. and in the process of decision, comes the regret of time and loss... every moment is so very precious, especially during these all too brief gothic gatherings.

Truly, I would like to see the advent of many more.. with no fear of  'competitiveness' upon one another.. the more the merrier as each makes the next that more a compulsive imperative.. and with the advent of more, comes  the advantages of convenience and affordability which provides for attending  more music festivals on a budget in a single year.

For instance, 1998 -- ProjektFest - El Rey Theatre, Ides of March, Hollywood. Back again for the Bauhaus Ressurection Tour and then though finances were strained, Convergence 4 - Toronto. That was three in one year each a three to as much as 9 day departure from home base These were each SERIOUSLY expensive adventures! Think how many more could be attended if more were closer to home!

I want to thank everyone who volunteered to work the Nocturnal Movements  table... Thanks for helping also with Starvox those who managed to attend.  Thanks so very much to Snow for allowing us to distribute the packages "at The Door" instead of at the table.. that helped Sonya and I to spend much more time together.

GearWhore group! - Thanks to all who attended the GearWhore discussions group!

GearWhore - discussions between musicians and other music enthusiasts about the experiences musicians are having and have had exploring gear used to unleash the music.

URL to this page:

Messages posted here may be used as fodder to feed and develop LIVE discussions on the subject at Music festivals and inside online and off-line music magazines that may feature a focus upon GearWhore appreciation.

This discussion group is Stage One of on-going developments toward more connectivity and support for GearWhore appreciation, including networking between musicians to accomplish more easily gig support, media exposure, and marketing for thier music, and gigs and collaborative tour plans.

Please join the online discussions group here's some info:

To all the Musicians, dj's, and Promotors - I extend these recommendations:
Marketing your music (dot) com

The Goth-Industrial Musicians Network

The Goth-Industrial Musicians Network (categorical sign-up directories here)

GIMNet effectively accomplishes the basic intentions of Nocturnal Movements. Please -- Get Listed! in one or more applicable GIMNet directories!

To all who managed to find their way to the Starvox and Nocturnal Movements tables and collect Collide posters and fold-out booklets... Kudos to YOU! you now have your hands on something very few other people have... mostly gothic industrial nuts like ourselves.. artwork by Chad Michael Ward --

Visit the wings really move! and definitely check out the cases kaRIN makes ...  You might have seen Blu, sonya, or myself showing off our cases made by kaRIN of Collide during the Gothcon 2001 events and about the French Quarter. get your own customly designed case now!

Gothcon 2001
~by Rev. Alexavier S. Strangerz 23.3


Due to the timing of this years Convention, and my own personal life needs. I wound up in New Orleans on Wednesday, and had to depart in the height of fun on Saturday.  The best way to describe the ecstasy of this event, would be the depression of not being able to be a part of it any more.

In order to be up on the events during the convention,  I had joined the E-group for Gothcon (now Yahoogroups)  yet it was hard to weed through some of the excited chatter.  Even the promoters had to request some space to promote, so the perky chat types started gothconbabylon.  Not really a bad thing.  A family of friends, chatting, making dinner plans, figuring out the best Cemeteries to do photo's in , etc. etc.

 New Orleans has to be perfect for this event.  If there was a city that could have a yearly festival of this caliber,  or that would even welcome it...   it is New Orleans,  at least here in the states. I have even started my own set of 'Gothic' post cards for the New Orleans shops...

So here is my quick synopsis of events:

Wednesday;  getting a grip on New Orleans, and the neighborhood between hotel , and the French Quarter.

Thursday;  Meet and greet new friends, old faces, and some photo moments at Metarie Cemetery

Friday;  Set up , and absorb as much about the first bands as possible!!! Vampire Nation ,  Neu Republic,  etc. etc.

Saturday,   end Strange Transmission from GC01

Getting a grip;
So we turned out to be only $6 cab ride from the quarter, or a $1.75 RT bus ride (day was more reliable for that type of thing though. )  Parking is fairly hard,  forget the rental if you flew, and leave the car in the back lot (cheapest option) if you drove.   I had a not so great room , that later turned to be a potential 'gem' in this annoyingly haunted hotel.  I managed to use the messy room to my advantage to get a better one by Thursday.  I don't blame the promoters for some of the lack of customer service by the hotel.  As a matter of fact it made for an interesting Con, because you knew the staff was probable not going to give you a hard time, or even be at the "24 hour" bell service desk when anyone else tried to call and complain about your flock drunk & staggering, while singing of Bauhaus through the hotel halls!!!

No.  they would not be a very powerful presence.  Except one cool new wave looking guy in the day (he rocked...)

Here is a link to an unfair representation of the hotel.

Meet and Greet.  Thursday.
I knew many were meeting to go to a cemetery for a photo moment.  (I kept saying the cemetery tour by mistake!) This was led by the fabulous Micah.  I met many in that group but went a bit later myself to the cemetery. Here are some links to Metarie photos....

Many landed and were getting in the hotel and registration process.  My group wandered the quarter ,and in need of food decided to go early to "Lucky Chengs". A  drag queen restaurant not far from 'Dark Entries' , where we had done some shopping.

A good move except that the drinks were a bit more than the walk-up windows along bourbon.  The food was excellent.  I enjoyed It more than the show! One of the entertainers was way more Into It, and that was the main host(ess).  A 'normal' opened his big mouth early on,  and that set the stage for many great jokes, all at his expense.

Rule:  never try to throw attitude at a Drag Queen show host with a microphone.

Berlin and a gaggle of others arrived after us.  She had been gathering momentum for the restaurant for quite a bit. I am glad that I was with my own table,  Group rates at the restaurant can be a bit confusing!!!  Check it out,  but look close at the billing methods. Bring extra one dollar bills for tipping, it is worth the entertainment value.

I tried to go to bed early, but I found that one of the best entertainment values was the lobby of the hotel.   I found some non-gothic (indie rock?) music fanatics.  They wanted to know if I could get them to Trent Reznor's studio.  This was good reflection of the hit and miss relations we had with the "spring-break" type crowd.  I often will speak to anyone who will listen, so it is nice to know that if we don't get too defensive, we can sometimes mystify the normals, or find a professional freak in frat clothes (hey we aren't the only group that parties, although our taste in music and fashion is superior.)

Friday:   Life is good,   I throw my cloak over my jammies (red and black satin) and wore my slippers down to the registry.  I am not sure if I get anything for being early , but I wanted to register early anyway.  I actually got compliments on my outfit...  fantastic!  I think I like the stay in the hotel of the convention option!  Vendors await tables, and I strike a deal with Tommie of the staff ,and with the bands to tape sound. Too bad the sound guys are just warming up.  I tape Vampire Nation, and Neurepublik, and only parts of VN come out clear enough.   Oh well,  I was there for the whole set of both bands.  I can write them up as a result.  The panels were very successful , and the vendors got a late start, so there was lots of  'just wandering through' traffic. Vampire Nation provided a good break from the Cleopatra 2000 sampler they kept playing and here is my impression of them.

Vampire Nation ,  Gothcon 2001

I met Frederick and Isis before the show.  Both very nice, and energetic individuals.  I was told that there would be three or four songs before Isis would even sing due to her new addition to the band.  I guess it has been all Frederick before this, and he is ready to play despite the early set.

Sonic pulsing and rhythmic synthetic noise wander through the room with a little bit more purpose than the early day Goths, who are going to and from the Vending area.   What an audience to try to play to.   As the energy built though,  Vampire Nation,(a name I feel may not reflect well the energy of this creative band) started to catch more and more spectators as the music built.  By the time Isis sang her first note, it seemed as only one long song had passed.  I am lucky enough to tape this segment, and the sound system was not warmed up to the room yet,  but this did not stop VN.  Since I felt like I lost some time, I went back through the tape, and sure enough, about 20 minutes went before Isis started her call.

I can see now how they were different 'movements', like In classical music. Isis is a youthful and lovely lady who may have needed a bit more 'audience' for some of the work she was attempting to do.  She told me before the show that she was going to improvise some of the set. The first song was delivered with assurance, and seemed to be well communicated by miss Isis.  She was very on with the music, but the sound might have made it hard for her to hear her own tones.  A problem that will be abated in the future when they have worked with so many different lapadasiac sound men, that it will be second nature to whip them into shape before a show.

 I advised going to see this dynamic duo anywhere that they are playing an evening set. This Is night music. They warmed the stage nicely for the next act,  Neurepublik,  but alas.  Isis really needed some more blood in the crowd to pull off a long non-rehearsed, improv piece.   Her haunting voice did seem to stick with the mid day atmosphere. Yet it sometimes had to wander into the next room, as If following a passer-by.  I am sure those in the next room, had to stop for a moment , to see what the extra 'presence' was.  Oh, another pretty ghost.  This hotel is full of them.  Well,  not quite like the kind that Vampire Nation can conjure, not till now anyway!

Some great pictures of this show right here.

Neurepublik,  Gothcon 2001

This band had a bit more fortunate timing.   The panels were almost at a break, and many people had finally looked at all the fantastic vending booths or were new arrivals and were happy to see things in motion.  I was not wearing my fabulous 'Batty' design Gothcon shirt.  Although many were changing Into them right away.  I was also already a bit buzzed , due to my low tolerance for Alcohol, and my high exposure to the New Orleans way of life.


Neurepublik came with a fascinating array of stuff.  Great stage presence, a tight nit set, and backing visuals.  The lead singer would stop to address the growing crowd.  Very naturally , and with a certain between song banter, that is not always present any more. They also pulled off a surprise, by having Gamma of The Blessed Virgin Larry,  come out and do some shock-rock with them.  This was a great touch to their normal set.

For the most part the material was very synth pop orientated, yet did not try to hide its synthyness or it's 'popular' appeal.  The mood of the musical energy kept me from wandering away for my next drink, and the depth of some of the material was a bit more conscious than what pop usually is, yet to be popular in this scene that would be expected.  I feel as though we are all on the same 'page', so to speak.  Or at least in the same 'book'. I need to take a second listen to some of the material myself.  My tape of this show did not fair as well as with Vampire Nation, and the sound was 'still' warming up.  So I know not to judge anything to harshly due to the overwhelming mid-range presence that was rummbling through the room. I feel they do have a message about what the Neurepublik is, or could be, and that we are all a part of it.  Neurepublik Is still a growing changing band.  I did not get any of the recorded material from them, so I am not sure how they compare to themselves.  A part of me feels bad,  because I can't remember any moments In exactness to place In this review, what I remember Is just the Impressions and Inspirations that came with me after the show.

I leave this set feeling that the Gothic world may be in upheaval in some parts of the world, while being reborn in others.   I leave the set feeling that Gothic (and all that is loosely connected with its music and life styles, ) will survive better in the face of an attempted 'main-streaming' than many subculture have.  Part of it is the acceptance of new thing, as long as it comes in accepting it is a part of this large culture.  The other part is that the mainstream can't alter us without first giving credit to the many facets of us that exist.  It can't shine a light all the way through the shadow we play in!

Here Is the links.
Great flash Introduction.
for this without flash.

The Blessed Virign Larry

Thanks To  Snow, Tommie, Lilith, and all the players, and patrons of Gothcon 2001.  Especially Vampire Nation and Neurepublik.  I may have been buzzing like a perky social bee for the rest of the con,  but for these two sets (and a bit of the Cruxshadow set)  I got a chance to be entertained while also being introspective, and at peace with my 'scene'.

/strange transmission    GC01

Thoughts of GOTHCON 2001, New Orleans
~review and photos by Sonya Brown

As I put the finishing touches on my GothCon 2001 scrapbook, I must share some of my memories with Blu and Starvox, before those memories fade... much like the photos  and memorabilia collected there will soon begin to fade.

As I mentioned on the GothCon list, this trip almost did not happen for me, so soon after my fathers' death, with emotions running so high. Getting on another airplane bound for New Orleans just did not seem to be in the cards. Luckily, I discarded the hand I was dealt and shuffled once again,  choosing adventure over sulking... and "my hometown boys", Written In Ashes, would be performing!

Written In Ashes was to be the grand finale for me, with their placement in the massive and wonderful GothCon lineup being the last band, on the last night. To bookend this weekend, another band that I had so hoped to see, Neurepublik, was one of the first bands to perform.

I had once interviewed Jeff Crowell, of Neurepublik, and found him to be a joy. Informative, talented, and so easy-going. As luck would have it, Jett & I shared a room at GothCon with Jeff, and his beautiful companion Jannice (keyboardist for Neurepublik)... BUT, what I didn't expect was the burst of energy that came bounding in our room, and that was Gamma, The Blessed Virgin Larry. I was instantly charmed by them all, and when I found out that Gamma would be performing with Neurepublik, I was all the more intrigued - especially when we got a sneak preview of the, uhm, outfit that Gamma intended to wear (or shall I say not wear) on-stage!

This performance was a treat for me... to finally see Neurepublik perform live, and to witness the inclusion of "Son of a Bitch" into their set, courtesy of The  Blessed Virgin Larry. Those photos DEFINITELY made the scrapbook :)

I must admit that I was not able to catch all of the bands, nor all of the  performances. There just wasn't enough time to take in the music as well as the sights and sounds of my very first trip EVER to New Orleans... and I felt a bit like a child being pulled in several different directions at once; but the performances that I did experience left me with a desire to  return, again and again, to GothCons to come.. with my only regrets being  that I wasn't able to DO everything and SEE everyone.

There were so many highlights of GothCon, but getting to watch DJ Batty &  CarrieMonster spin was certainly on that list. I mean, come on, when's the last time you heard "Thriller"?! And what about Bella Morte and their Celine Dion cover!

I loved Cafe Du Monde and our outtings to the French Quarter, but I knew this magical weekend was near the end when Written In Ashes took the stage. I had waited so long to see them. I know, I can see them all the time here in Portland... but I can never seem to get enough. I once wrote that I think Kevyn owns my soul. From that moment  I saw him perform so long ago at EJ's, a club here in Portland, when he came off the stage and glared into my eyes... I never looked back. I think Kevyn gathered up a few more souls for his collection at GothCon this year; with the help of David, Peter, Ashe and Joga, performing a fluid set that was as strong as the drinks being served at the bar.

I have never experienced such a feeling of unity amongst a group of people as I did  with the GothCon crowd. I was so nervous about meeting so many of Jett's friends, yet everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcomed. I know that the spirit of GothCon will always remain with me, even after the photos and memories fade.