Bella Morte Part 2
~by Blu

Wanted: Live Drummer and Passage to Europe
One area that I've found the band to be a little weak in is percussion. Live their energy is so over the top that the drum machine in the background is very anti-climatic. It just cannot compete with that driven human energy and I've always fantasized just how hard they'd rock if they got a punky drummer who could keep pace with them.  To my relief they've recently posted announcements saying they are seeking a drummer although admittedly this will take some time. With Bella Morte, you don't just become a member because you can play - but you have to be part of the family. Personality and compatibility are almost, if not more important than talent because this band not only tours and plays together but they live together. It is one reason that I think this band will stand the test of time. 

As for the prospect new drummer, Andy said, "We held our first tryout just a week ago!  So we've got the ball  rolling and still have some other folks to bring in for auditions." 

Gopal concluded, "It's going a bit slower than I'd like, but I think it will have a very positive effect on the band.  We've needed  a new infusion for a  while, and  I'm looking forward to writing live again (as opposed to in parts and sequenced)."

After their successful performance at C8 in Canada which was attended by many UK scensters, Europe has been itching to see them overseas. Curious by the tales of their live show brought back by C8 attendees, Bella Morte certainly seem to have a potential new fan base in the UK and beyond.

I asked them if they had plans in that regard and Andy commented, "Oh yes, we are scheming as I type on crossing the pond and playing  anywhere and everywhere that will have us.  It's been a dream for along  time and now we are finally hearing knocks at the door." 

Enthusiastically, Gopal said, "WE ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!  As soon as we figure out how, heheh.   Seriously though, it seems all the plans are finally coming together." 

Creativity Abounds
And as if being Bella Morte isn't enough - with touring and 3 recent CD releases - they've all found time for side projects and hobbies. Some people may not know that Andy is a fairly accomplished radio DJ who's been invited to spin this year at C9 in Las Vegas. 

"I started DJing when Bram and I convinced the local college station  to give us a show called 'Mindvomit' that featured Metal.  Our show ran from 3am-6am Sunday mornings and was followed by a classical show for  the church-goers. Well, Mr. Church DJ didn't show up one morning and we  said all sorts of filthy things to the church going audience and were booted from the station... Ahem...  So years later a new underground  station came to town and I was on the committee trying to get it on the air.  I started a goth/industrial show called 'Subculture Shock' which  was quite successful for a number of years.  I handed the show over to  another DJ when Bella got too busy and now I do random appearances at  clubs...  I spin a lot of stuff that has been ignored lately in clubs.  In other words, I always clear the floor." 

Gopal laughs and comments, "Gooooooo Old School!  Heheh, yeah, he isn't much good when it comes to Euro dance or synth pop, but he certainly can spin a bad ass set." 

As for Tony, "I am also in a punk band that I do guitar and vocals for called Riot Act.  We are a kind of street punk meets metal meets rock'n'roll kind of thing (if you can picture it).  We have one CD out now called Live for Today, Fight for Tomorrow and we are almost done writing for our next CD.  You can check us out at: I also do  a lot of acoustic music by myself that I am hoping to record. A buddy of mine named Porter and I also have another band that we just started, it's kind of just really trashy rock'n'roll." 

I also asked Gopal if the side project that he and Tony have  - Undergrave, a deathrock band - premiered for the first time at Sin13 in San Antonio last this month where it was a big hit. 

"No, though it was rare.  We've been together for about three years, but have only played out six or seven times and all shows but San Antonio were in Charlottesville.  It's something we do for fun.   Someday we may track a record, but at this point our main focus is still on Bella Morte." 

Andy even has other side projects, "I have a couple...none of them very serious or active at the time.  Nerve No Pain is a metal band I'm with but we haven't practiced in a while.  We will release a CD eventually, I  promise!  Other than that, I'm in a band called Zerox doing indie-rock  stuff.  Fun fun." 

Gopal adds, "I'm doing some stuff as Terminus Est, though I don't dedicate even  less time to it than Undergrave.  It's basically just random studio stuff I've thrown together.  Studies in sound and what not." 

Where do they find the time?

Of Domestic Settings and Getting It On
Knowing that they live in one house, I was curious what a typical day in the life of Bella Morte is like. 

Andy, "Wake up, tell the cats to stop doing whatever bad stuff they happen to be doing, say hi to Beth and Gopal, ask all but one stripper to get out of kitchen and leave the one to prepare waffles, eat waffles, shower, brush teeth, shake fist at the heavens, pout, use bathrooom,  pout... You know, all the stuff anyone would do.  Actually, I spend  almost all of my free time in my room writing music..." 

Gopal, "I spend way the hell too much time in front of the computer.  I  just got OSX and iCal, which has organized my life to a wonderful  degree.   Yesterday I got up, meditated and did some H an Overdrive pedal for my bass, worked on some new t-shirt designs,  wrote a new song, troubleshot our computer network, called my little  sister in London, studied German, welded for a couple of hours, and  spent the evening with my girl.  That is pretty much how my days go, sort of busy.  I'm almost always doing something now.  Somedays I  landscape for extra cash.  I don't know, it's a pretty good life I'd say.  I mean there're always problems, but all in all it beats out a lot of other options." 

Tony, "Usually (when I am there) I am not too different from Andy. I spend most of my time in my room working on and writing music. Otherwise I just watch TV or wrestle with Gopal." 

And finally, seeing as how it was the day before Valentine's Day when we talked, I asked what their plans were...

Andy, "I'm in Ohio visiting my lady... I think we might (as the French say) 'Get busy'." 

Gopal, "Beth and I are going to over to Shawn (from Synthetic Division) and Gwen's house to play the new Trivial Pursuit,  and if Shawn and I can  convince the girls, a round of Zombie." 

Tony, "I am going to take my girlfriend out to lunch or dinner or whatever she wants I guess (it's all the same to me) then Riot Act is playing a show for Valentine's Day. Then if I am lucky me and my girl will.....hehehehe!! (Just so you know,hehehehe!! means doing it!!!!)"

So there you have it. They play good music, put on incredible live shows, they can laugh and make fun of themselves, and when it comes to Valentine's day, they're not doing too shabby.

If you haven't met them yet - I hope you will next time they play near you. You'll be consumed by spontaneous smiles and the sense that no matter what's going on, no matter how big or small the venue or the turn out, they are truly happy just to be there.  

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