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The end is near. Well, at least according to DoomsdayKult.
~interview by Sonya Brown
(photos courtesy of their website)

When I first heard the name DoomsDayKult, I thought I would be listening to a death metal band. Imagine my surprise to find a 13 track dark electronic composition featuring samples from such films as Hollow Man and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... and even a tribute to one of my favorite novelists, Poppy Z. Brite. 

Fittingly dubbed “hybrid cybergoth”, The End is Near is released on RivitHeadRecords and is the solo project of Robert Melendez.

Robert takes a moment out of his busy schedule to speak to Starvox.net.
Sonya: How did you decide on the name DoomsDayKult?

DDK: The name is a funny story I told the folks from the zine "From Dust". Some Jehovah's Witness folks came to my house and left a booklet on the doorstep (a frequent ritual here in Florida), and one day I had had to use the bathroom... so needless to say... I read a little of this booklet out of sheer curiosity and chanced upon an article talking about what the general public had called these "Jehovah's witnesses". Apocalyptic Sect was one term, and DoomsdayKult was the other. I thought to myself "DoomsdayKult"... alright , I can't stand to have religion shoved down my throat... hey wait a minute... a band name with a meaning. In need of a name for the material I was collecting after playing for "Martyr Complex", I thought well this will be it!

Sonya: Who makes up the present DoomsDayKult lineup?

DDK: So far myself  (Robert Melendez) and all my equipment...but I have done some collaborations with Micheal Donnelly of Translucent from Atlanta Georgia on an upcoming unnamed side project...

Sonya: Please give us some background on your label, Rivithead Records...

DDK: RhR is a artist owned distribution label I used as my own personal cd label for distro reasons; and
have now added my first artist, Genetic Mishap, from Philly on board. They are in the middle of putting
together a compilation cd, “The Blackened Compilation”, featuring 13 bands so far... all electronic acts from all over. It will be available to all "real club dj's FREE!!!" for artist exposure;  which is what RhR is all about. My philosophy is this: as I make contacts, if I can help others meet the same contacts and help them out, feel a great sense of achievement for me and others with my same musical interests. You can view the starting website here http://doomzdaykult.tripod.com/rivitheadrecords/ it's cheesy but until my designers are done with this site and my DDK fansite, it's all I got...

Sonya: Please tell our readers a bit about the gear used by DoomsDayKult...

DDK: Guitars: Fender Stratocaster - and Ibanez Destroyer.
Synths: Roland 301 Groove Keys
Korg Poly 8--EmU Blaster Keys awaiting Korg Triton computer-hp 733mhz with Cakewalk Gold
Soundforge XP
Cubasis Avtons of Sonic foundry goodies
Voyetra goodies
a Xoom 505 effects box
DoD g7 midi effects
Tapco ol'skool 6chnl mixer
Audio Source equilization and Crowne amp.

Sonya: I would love to know more about the track "PZ Brite"... does this track refer to the horror novelist, Poppy Z. Brite? Is her voice used in the samples?

DDK: Yes. it's my tribute to the unique, wild person she is. Yes her voice in the samples and at the age of 3? rare sample indeed...

Sonya: What is the process involved in deciding what samples will appear with a certain track? (what comes first... the sample or the song???)

DDK:  A little of both. No particular process involved, just what I'm feeling at the time or what sounds good at a certain point while composing it just sort of hits me "oh hey that would sound good there"...

Sonya: I notice in the DDK press photo that you are wearing a Joy Division t-shirt  (one of my favorite bands). Has Joy Division had influence on your music? What other bands have inspired DoomsDayKult?

DDK: Maybe a little Joy Division in some of my guitar playing and some vocal stylings, "as far as depth". 
My influences through the years vary... in the eighties it was punk/goth bands like Black Flag, Husker Du, Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Ministry... in the nineties Leather Strip, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Negative Format, Aphex Twin, Prodigy, Orbital, kmfdm....and too many other's too list..

Sonya: Please give us some insight into the artwork used for the cover of The End is Near...

DDK: Well I found the cover... on a website full of awesome art called "Digital Blasphemy.com" and thought the pic represented the end is near philosophy.

Sonya: I am curious about your home in Florida... what can you tell readers about  life in Port Richey? Aside from your music... what do you do for work/fun?

DDK:  heehee... well Port Richey is dull boring and dull and boring (did I say that already?). A retirement community/white trash area. SUBURBIA would best describe Port Richey and the surrounding areas. My fun used to be at the goth clubs here. Most have closed and the other one that is left is just (to me) not a goth club anymore. The scene here has changed dramatically... very stuck on themselves are most of the people in the scene here now... my fun now more lies in LIVE SHOWS... oh yeah live for them. Hopefully, soon to Atlanta to open for my buds "Translucent".  My work sux. My life is music and helping as many humble musicians along the way as I can. A sort of giving back if you will. I don't claim to be the best out there, just I have some kool tunes and just hope people enjoy them. That's the best part...FANS!!!!

Sonya: What are the tour plans for DDK?

DDK:  More Florida dates to be announced soon, and soon hopefully some Atlanta dates.  We have been asked to Philadelphia as well, so who knows. If the funding comes, we'll tour wherever they'll have me or us at the time. I am looking for others to join sometime soon...

Sonya: Your website states that you support anti-racism. Please tell us your thoughts on this issue.

DDK:  My views are this: Years ago I sported the ever popular "Shaved head" before the whole skinhead neo nazi thing broke out in the eighties. Being half Puerto Rican and half German (what a mix) I never felt like I should discriminate as I was mixed in ethnicity myself.  Not that if I were white euro descent would it make a difference anyways,  but I'm a peaceful sort a guy and cruelty in any form  - including animal cruelty 2nd most,  is not part of my being. I think too, because goth's or ol'skool skins "non nazi skater punks" get the cold shoulder because of the way they look or what they like. I mean there's extremists in all forms, but what we are on the outside doesn't mean we're blood sucking satanists or something. I know there are some who are into that sort of thing, but for the most part we are just emotional beings deep and beautiful. Just the ol "never judge a book by it's cover". I'm not a big activist, but I let it be known I'm not about the hate thing, or satanism or bloodsucking... heehee... but a little bondage and leather and I'm ready to go...heehee...."STOP THE HATE!!!!"

Sonya: Where might readers gain access to your music?

DDK:  on mp3.com http://www.mp3.com/DDK or IPM internet Radio-dj Mac seems to like us... www.gothicindustrial.com

Sonya: What are the future plans for DDK?

DDK: A show in all towns that will have us... more of a live show line-up and performance, and much more music..

Sonya: What other comments would you like to include?

DDK: I would like to thank you, Sonya, for this interview. I'd like to thank those who've helped us get where we are today- Martyr Complex, family and friends,"Digital Encryption" my Boy! But most of all the fans of DDK who make it even more worth while....STAY DARK

Contact Information:
Robert Melendez DDK@usahotmail.com
8839 Cochise Lane
Port Richey, FL 34668
(727) 846-0972
Web: http://www.mp3.com/DDK

THE END IS NEAR Track Listing:
I'm Nobody
This Kind of EVIL
Dark Days Ahead "The GROOVY mix"
Going to HELL
Fun With Drugs
Computer nitemare
Father Mercy "The DDK mix"
Father Mercy "The Father Donnelly mix"
Rivithead "The DaRk RaVe mix"
Dance of the Dead
Thee Machine