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"Dark.  Dreary.  YAY!" ~ MH

StarVox was a monthly online zine dedicated to promoting gothic music, its subgenres and related categories such as post-punk, deathrock, psychobilly/gothabilly, dark alternative country, ethereal, neo-classic, and industrial. 

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"Goth is about those moments of reflection we all have - that nostalgia borne of emotion, the soundtrack of our own failings... Goth remains the only form of music at present to put the mind under the micropscope." - Mick Mercer, Hex Files

"Gothic is sophisticated barbarism. It is a passion for life draped in the symbolism of death. It is the cynical love of sentiment. It is the marriage of extremes such as sex and death. It uses darkness to illuminate. It believes duty is vain, and vanity to be a duty. It is the compulsion to do the wrong thing for all the right reasons. It is a yearning nostalgia for the black days of a past that never was. It denies orthodox reality and puts its faith in the imaginary. It is the unholy, the uncanny, the unnatural. " ~from Goth Chic by Gavin Baddeley