Eerie Von 
Bad Dream No. 13
~review by Carrie Monster
If you donít know who Eerie Von is just stop right now and hand in your death rock card. This is his first release in about 5 years and long over due! I really enjoyed this CD. More than I thought I would.  I have been a rabid Misfits fan since about 1985 and am never left as pleased with Misfits off-shoots (ok, except for Sam Hain) as I am with this. 

It kind of grabs you more the second time you listen to it. It's got it all for you music lovers of dark and creepy. Bad Dream No.13 has a lot of creepy mellow parts that remind me of horror movies. It has an old horror punk sound with some blues, dark rock n roll, oldies and even at times it is reminiscent of Nick Cave. 

As the first song, "A Cage. Is A Cage..." starts you can hear the Misfits like influence. Then as the CD plays on you hear other influences come out like Nick Cave like lyrics and vocals in "In The Shade". Songs that take the listener to smokey night clubs and Jack Daniels.

I wouldn't call this a gothic CD by any means but it certainly is goth friendly! I wouldn't call this a death rock CD but it does have a 1988 appeal to it. What I would call this CD is good and a bit bone chilling at times. It grows on you. For sure. You'll find yourself singing along in no time.

Though he played with Danzig for 4 albums, Von doesn't rip off his sound. He does sing in a similar deep menacing voice that could remind of Peter Murphy meets Elvis. Bad Dream No. 13 is pretty mellow at times. It's almost a soundscape for spooky times. Bad Dream No.13 adds a much needed element to today's popular dark music scene. 

Track Listing:
1. A Cage. Is A Cage...
2. The Bone Drone
3. In The Shade
4. Down On the Slab
5. 2 Tears In A Bucket
6. Prelude To Death
7. Bad Dream
9. The Perfect Criminal
10. The Velvet Shroud
11. Sing, Sinner, Sing!
12. Case Study #107/ Rec. Room 3A
13. Benediction #2

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