Noblesse Oblige
Quel Genre De Garcon (Horseglue)
~review by Uncle Nemesis

Second single from the wayward art-punk disco project that is Noblesse Oblige - and a complete tangent to what's gone before. Quel Genre De Garcon (which means 'What Kind Of Boy', if I'm not mistaken) is a cabaret ditty that stakes out its musical territorty somewhere between Edith Piaf and Jaques Brel. It strides along on a quick-march beat, and you can imagine Noblesse Oblige stomping off down the hill from Montmartre to Pigalle, intent on all manner of unspeakable mischief.  The lyrics flick back and forth between French and German, and there's even a half-hidden hint of 'Muss I Denn' right on the fade. They'll love this one in the cabaret lounge at the Torture Garden, that's for sure.

Two more tracks provide the supporting cast. 'Li'l Dirty' does what it says on the tin. It starts off as a slo-mo sleazy slide of a tune, all fuzzed-out synth chords and a bumping, grinding beat. Then it speeds up into a bizarrely poppy confection, with a jaunty-sounding 'La la la' providing the paradoxically innocent vocal. It's a bit of a throwaway thing - I dare say Noblesse Oblige can nail this kind of stuff together in their lunch break, and it almost sounds like that's what they did here - but it's fun.

Noblesse Oblige have a burgeoning side career as remixers for other artists. I particularly recommend their take on M.I.A.'s 'Galang', on which the west London desi diva is unceremoniously juxtaposed with a trademark N. O. heavy-duty fuzztone synth chord workout - you can hear that one on the Noblesse Oblige website. Our third track on this release is another remix - or, more accurately, a reinvention of the old Minty track, 'Useless Man'. Leigh Bowery's fruity vocals - 'Boot lickin', piss drinkin', finger friggin', tit tweakin...' - are jostled and crowded by the Noblesse Oblige armoury of pumping programming, and it works a treat. One for the main dance floor at TG, this, I reckon.

The tunestack:
Quel Genre De Garcon
Li'l Dirty
Useless Man

The players:
Sebastian:  Instruments, machines, German vocals
Valerie:  Instruments, machines, French vocals

Leigh Bowery:  Fruity vocals on 'Useless Man'

The website: