"Candle burned pumpkin really does smell like victory." - David, SPF1000

Enter StarVox's Monthly Contest! 

Each Month StarVox will offer up a featured promos as a Contest Prize to our Readers. Contests will run for a specified time each month then the winners will be notified by email. 

Instructions: The answers to the monthly questions will always be found either in one of our articles OR the band's/artist's webpage.  Its a scavenger hunt! 

When you find the answer, simply email the answer to blu@starvox.net with the word "Contest" in the subject line. At the end of the contest, winners will be picked at random from all the correct emails sent in. The winners will be notified by email with a request made for the mailing address you'd like the prize sent to.

Decembers's Question


(hint: the answer can be found in one of our concert reviews)

What You Win:

A copy of the StarVox Trinity Compliation. 
For more info on this CD click here.

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