"I want theatre.  I want to be accosted by the band.  I want to see a band self-implode on stage, 
set the place on proverbial fire, and bring down the goddamn house." ~Matthew Heilman
Swann Danger
(With a side order of Das Ich)
Pagan Love Songs, Bochum
~ by Uncle Nemesis
Peter Murphy
Sarah Fimm
Scala, London
~ by Uncle Nemesis
Soho Dolls
Noblesse Oblige
Hotel Motel
Blow Up @ Metro, London
~ by Uncle Nemesis
The Glitz @ Madame Jojo's, London
~ by Uncle Nemesis
Les Incompétents 
Twisted Charm
The Violets
Theoretical Girl
Pink Riot
Twisted @ The Buffalo Bar, London
~ by Uncle Nemesis
October File
The Bleeders
Underworld, London
~ by Uncle Nemesis
Pere Ubu
Bar Academy, London
Sunday September 18 2005
~ by Uncle Nemesis

A Note About Live Bands- 

Least we forget, the gothic scene as we know it today was built upon the dark muses of music. Yes, I know we’ve attached a whole set of social values to it as well as art, literature and fashion ideals, but it never would have existed at all if not for the bands that inspired it. Take away the music and the arts and all you’ve got left is a bunch of kids playing dress up on the weekends. The value of music is something that the current and very trendy scene of today has almost forgotten I’m afraid. I don’t think I’m generalizing too much when I say that almost every city has been struck with growing apathy in the past few years towards live shows. Turn out has been less than ideal and promoters, DJs and bands have to work several times harder just to get attention. A show is considered a great success if you break even and that’s a sad state of affairs. Decent venues are hard to book because they say there’s no audience for gothic concerts. I was appalled to hear a someone in Atlanta say, “I’d rather go to a DJ’d night so I can dance and ‘get my groove on’ than to a live show.” Huh? You can’t dance during a live performance of a band that would normally get spun during a DJ’d night? Aren’t you the least bit curious about the people that make the music you dance to on a weekly basis? And just where do these songs the DJs spin come from? They come from bands. Bands who work and struggle and spend countless hours of their own money and time to feed their muses and to share their creations with you.

It’s perfectly clear to me that if you do not support your scene’s bands – regardless of subgenres - YOUR SCENE WILL DIE. In the very least it will become a laughable parody of its former self. Support your bands and the scene will thrive.

This issue contains some great concert reviews complete with wonderful photos that I hope will inspire you all – old and new to the scene – to get out there and see some live shows whether it be local acts or touring bands. You might just have some fun in the process. And trust me, the bands won’t mind one bit if you dance...


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