Matthew Heilman
DJ / Writer / Musician
Pittsburgh, PA

Matthew’s love for music borderlines upon obsession. Finding something noteworthy in several diverse forms of dark music, from Gothic Rock, Doom Metal, Apocalyptic Folk, Post-Punk, vintage Industrial, Darkwave, Indie/Shoegazer, to darker edged EBM/Synth-Pop.  He appreciates any music as long as it is inspired and emotionally moving.  Besides music, his other joys can be found in the poetry and literature of the Victorians and Romantics, and the art of the Pre-Raphaelites and Surrealists.

Matthew is a DJ at Pittsburgh’s longest running dark dance night, CEREMONY where he is known as DJ Imperium.  He also co-hosts ANTIQUITY, an exclusively Gothic club night, with his fiancee Sarah Elizabeth (Lady Lazarus).  He is a student at the University Of Pittsburgh, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature.  He eventually hopes to earn a PhD, become a professor, and specialize in Gothic and Romantic Literature.



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