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Past reviews from StarVox are available here in text only. Any photos have been removed (see photo gallery) but links have been provided where possible.

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December 99 CD Reviews: Abigor, Tom Aragon, Autumn Tears, BIG BLOCK 454, Black Ocean Drowning, Bela, Bella Morte, B-Movie Valentino, Clan of Xymox, Cocteau Twins, Cradle of Filth, CutRateBox, Curvedspace, Diorama, Dream Into Dust, Excelsis, EYE, Faith & the Muse, Finntroll, Garbor Kemeny, Godflesh, Ivoux, Judas Iscariot, Kismet, Killing Miranda, Lab Animals, Lady Besery's Garden,  Libitina, Licorice,  Low Sunday, Moonspell, Mortiis, My Scarlet Life, Nosferatu,  Oblivia,  Ophelia's Sweet Demise, Post Abortion Stress,  Pulse Legion, Skepticism, Soil & Eclipse, Still Life With Roses, Summoning, Sunday Munich, Tara Van Flower, Teenage Blackout, Thy Infernal, Tiamat, Type O Negative, The Winter Chapter, Wench 

December 99 Feature: Bobby BeauSoleil Interview

December Interviews: Attrition, Bella Morte, Bitter Grace, The Cruxshadows, Gropius, Killing Miranda, Lycia, The RaZorSkyline, Voltaire

December Concert Reviews: Clan of Xymox with The Last Dance, Bend, The Flowers for Luci; The Cruxshadows with Voltaire, BitterGrace; Gropius; Bella Morte and The RaZorSkyline with Aphelion.

November 99
CD Reviews: Aesma Daeva, AKIRA YAMAMICHI, Allerseelen, Marc Almond, Alp, Aube, The Azoic, Bare Wire, Birmingham 6, Blue and Holding, Brume & Toy Bizarre, Cleen, Creeping Myrtle, Deadsy, Death In Vegas, Decoded Feedback, Diary of Dreams, Diet of Worms, DNA LE DRAW D-KEE, DotFash, Drumatic, Everlast, Fallen Tears, Kay Gardner, Grace Overthrone, Gossamer, haujobb, Hexenhaus, Intra-Venus, Kismet, Laminar, LE FORBICI DI MANITU, Francisco Lopez, Lustmord, Muslimgauze, My Scarlet Life, Nigel Ayers, John Everall, Mick Harris,  Oneiroid Psychosis, Piano Magic, Plaid, Platform one, Rapoon, Slick Sixty, Snog, Son of Rust, Spring Heel Jack, Synchro Nine Factor, The Tape- Beatles, Tarwater, TLÖN UQBAR, To Rococo Rot , Torn Skin, Peter Ulrich

November Interviews: Diary of Dreams,  Information Society

October 99 - Condensed issue
Advent Sleep, Autum, The Brickbats, Loomer, The Machine in the Garden, Margot Day, A Murder of Angels, The New York Room, Reprobus, Soil and Eclipse, Shadow Light, Suture Seven, The Unquiet Grave, Girls Under Glass, Testify, Faith and the Muse, Judith, The Changelings, Faith and Disease, Doppleganger, SwichBlade Symphony, Black Tape For a Blue Girl, Christian Death, Mortiis, godhead, Diet of Worms,  Razed in Black, The RaZor Skyline, Destination Venus, The Charnel House

September 99':
StarVox Goes to Dragon Con: Voltaire, The Changelings and The Cruxshadows. Photos available for this article here.
-Bend at the Tabernacle, The Flowers for Luci and The Spectremen at Dotties

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