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December/November 00 CD Reviews I : Eric Alexandrakis, Amber Asylum, The Arms of Someone New, Sara Ayers, The Black League, Cauda Pavonis, The Changelings, Children of Bodom, Clan of Xymox, Colortone, Cradle of Filth, Crematory, Darkwell, Die Form, Die My Darling, Disturbed, Download, Faith Assembly, Flesh Field, Forest of Shadows, Garden of Shadows, God Module, Growing Cells, Icon Of Coil, Idyl, Love Sick, Maenad, Milkbaby, Morbid Angel, Moser, Meyer, Doring, Necare, Nerve Factor, Nevermore,  Nile

December/November 00 CD Reviews II: November's Doom, Project Apocalypse, Radial, Rosetta Stone,  Schizoid, Season of Mourning, Signal 12, Skyclad, Benjamin Stauffer, SubArachnoid Space, Sunday Munich, Synth Etik, The Tear Garden, Testube, Theatre of Macabre, Theatre of Tragedy, This Ascension, Trespassers William, Twelfth of Never,  Universal Overdose, Unto Ashes, Velvet Acid Christ, Voltaire, Vox Barbara, Whimsical; Various Artists: Dark Treasures: A Gothic Tribute To The Cocteau Twins, Detroit Electronic, Excelsis Vol. 2:  A Winter's Song, Heaven & Hell, Of Passion & Remberance, Orphee, The Violet Collection

December/November 00 Features and Concert Reviews: Front 242, The Gorey Details, Graveyard 2K  Featuring: Breathless, Chiasm, Vampire Nation, Parvulus Infectus and Low Sunday;  Paul Mercer; Peter Murphy, IPM:In Perpetual Motion, vidnaObmana, Steve Roach and Jeffery Fayman in concert, Glampire, The Hand of Doom,  Lourds,  Gothabilly at CBGB's

December/November 00 Interviews: The Cruxshadows Prt 2.,  DJ Tron, Deep Eynde, Gridlock, Psychocharger,  Sunday Munich, This Ascension, Voltaire,  Xorcist

October 00 CD Reviews: Angelhood, Ashes, The Blessed Virgin Larry, Blood of Roses. The Brickbats, Butterfly Messiah, Chew's Eye Shop, Clan of Xymox, Concrete Nature, The Cruxshadows, cut.rate.box., Dark Tranquillity, Deep  Red, Delien, Dominion, Electronic Voice, Phenomenon, Endanger, Ennui, Ex Nihilo, Exorcism, Faith & Disease, Famine Machine, Garden of Dreams, The Gathering, Gossamer

October 00 CD Reviews (2): Hammerfall, Index, The Krewmen, Kreuzweg Ost, Mactatus, Neurepublik, "O Quam Tristis...", Ophelia's Sweet Demise, Odor of Pears, Pain Station, Psycho Charger, Schiziod, Stare, This Ascension, Thou Shalt Not, Trans.lu.cent, Trylok, Voltaire, White Skull, Wrath of Killenstein, Gothabilly: Rockin' Necropolis, Gothabilly: Wakin' The Dead, Of Passion & Remberance, The Power Of  A New Aeon: Musical Impressions Of The Tarot, Projekt 100, Sounds of Hell: An elegant collection, subout, What is Eternal

October 00 Concert Reviews/Club Scene: Apocalypse Theatre with Murder of Crows, Datura, American Goth In London

October 00 Features: vidnaObmana, Dreams in Exile, Lydia Lunch, Seraph Records, StarVox Celebrates Gothabilly (Skully Records)

October 00 Interviews: The Crushadows, Ghoultown, Gridlock, Judgement of Paris, Voltaire

August 00: our first Women Who Rock 

August 00 CD Reviews: 3SKS, ABSU, Bogus Blimp, Borknagar, The Broken Men, Catharsist, The Changelings, Cirith Ungol, Complicity, The Confessionals, Cosmic Slut, Holger Czukay, Dies Irae, Diary of Dreams, Draemgate, Dreams in Exile (with vidnaObmana), Electric Hellfire Club, Engelsstaub, Falling You, Fayman & Fripp, Garden of Delight, The Girl Pool, Graveland, Randy Grief, Hypocrisy, In the Nursery, Juno Reactor, King Diamond, Last Dance, The Legendary Pink Dots, Mayhem, Mindspawn, Monster In Your Closet, Diana Obscura, Orphanage, Soulchasm, Spectralux, Sumerland, Theatre ov Idiots, Translucent, Ulver, Various Artists: Another Prick In The Wall - A Tribute To Ministry Vol. 2, Various Artists:Cleopatra 2000, Various Artists: Virion Sequences, Vehemence Realized, Wintermute, Written in Ashes

August  00 Concert & Interviews: Dead Voices on Air; Ida with Au Tempo, Elizabeth Elmore and Sonna; Legendary Pink Dots; Myssouri; 19 Hours with Poppy Z. Brite; Sumerland, Tri State Killing Spree, Writen in Ashes and Licorice; Blixa Bargeld of Einsterzende Nuebaten; The Broken Men; Crocidile Shop; Melotron; Mentallo & the Fixer; Written in Ashes

August 00 Features: Apocalypse Theatre Benefit; Women Who Rock: Acts Magdalena, Cosmic Slut and Sophia Ramos Dupre.

July 00 CD Reviews: The Agency, Audra, Autumn Tears , Azaghal, Matt Borghi, Steven Boyd, Claire Voyant, Cleaner, Contagion, Corvus Corax, Darkness & The Machine Volume II, Das Ich, Dichroic Mirror, Distorted Reality, Diva X Machina 3: COP Comp, Druadan Forest, The End of Eve All, Enochian Dissonance, FingerPaint, Forlorn, Funker Vogt, Glampire, Ghoultown, Index, Iron Maiden, Lacuna Coil, Oath of Cirion, Obtained Enslavement, Pandemia, Pseudocipher, Savatage, The Shroud, The Side Orders, Siebenburgen, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Speed Dial
Tony Stoufer, Towards The Sky: Neue Asthetik Compilation, Uranium 235, V.A. [a Waldorf Electronics sampler], Valar, Vintersorgen, Windham Hell

July 00 Concert/Club/Radio Reviews: Dream Corrosion with Bitterfall, Night of the Ghouls, Fadestation; Diary of Dreams with Diorama, club night STAHLKLANG in Germany; Real Synthetic Audio

July 00 Feature Stories: Apocalypse Theathre Benefit (w. 5 More Dead, Synchor Nine Factor and Glitch); Dallas Scene; Glitterdome; Gothic Topic; Replicate

July 00 Interviews: The Blessed Virgin Larry, Claire Voyant, Exceed 6 Doses, Faith & Disease, Ghoultown, Impaled Nazarene, Love Spirals Downward, Savatage, Tara VanFlower

May/June 00 CD Reviews: Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, Audra, The Azoic, Babylonian Tiles , Meg Lee Chin, The Cruxshadows, Darkness  & the Machine, Vol 2, Margot Day, Death in June, Distorted Reality, Diverje, Drip, EYE, The Girl Pool, Hollywood Morgue, Hypocrisy, Immortal, Impaled Nazarene, Lithium, Maudlin Of The Well, Midnight Syndicate, The Mirror Reveals, Moev, Museum, Notre Dame, Nothing Inside, Oasis, Pain Station, Pseudocipher, Rain Fell WIthin, Remora, Resistor Compilation, Rhea's, Obsession, Seireenia, Skylash, Patti Smith, Soil & Eclipse, Tapping the Vein, Thine Eyes, Torn Skin, Torsion, Twelfth of Never, VOID II VOID, Will, WriterCakebox

May/June 00 Interviews and Concert Reviews: Assemblage 23, Babylonian Tiles, Margot Day, Deep Red, Neurepublik, The Night Eternal, George Petros, David E. Williams, Razed In Black, Rhea's Obsession, Jay Aston and the Nepentheca feature.

April 00 CD Review: Alterculture Records Sampler, Acts Magdalena, Arkkon, Bamboo Crisis, Collide, Covenant, Coven 13, The Cure, Dark Angel, Distention, Eyeless in Gaza, The Gathering, Jessica's Crime, Edward Ka-Spell, Kovenant, Lithium, Loomer, Michael Aston, Mira, Muslimgauze, The Night Eternal, Neurepublik, Nightfall, Nocturne, Rapoon, The Razor Skyline, Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, Spiritual Bats, Shape of Despair, Skylash, Shadow Light, Sneaky Bat Machine, Sol Invictus, Somnus, Between Sun & Moon (various artists), Throne of Chaos, Threat Level 5, VidnaOBmana, Wind

April 00 Features: The Cruxshadows with Bend, ODK and Spectralux, Glitterdome, Simon Raymonde, and 719 Miles with The Brickbats (by Paul Morden of the Brickbats)

April 00 Concert and Radio Reviews: -Imminent, Synapscape w/ Savak and DJ Salt; The Changelings w/ Sumerland and Children of Paradise; Myssouri w/ The Changelings and Spectralux; Peter Murphy; Satyricon, Immortal, Angel Corpse, Krisiun, From the Depths and Somnus, The Shape of Things to Come 89.1 WFDU FM (NY), DeadAir 88.5 WRAS FM (Atlanta)

April 00 Interviews: Acts Magdalena, Collide, Kristy Venrick of Nilaihah Records and The Azoic, Lili Roth, Michael Aston, Nightfall, Paradise Lost

March 00 CD Reviews: Thristeen13, Acts Magdalena, Agathodaimon, Bauhaus, Gothabilly: Wakin the Dead, Bobby Beausoleil, Black Ocean Drowning, Breather, Bush, Cloud, Childman, The Cure, Der Blutharsch, Dismal Euphony,  David E. Williams, Decoded Feedback, Dies Irae, Darken My Fire: A Gothic Tribute to The Doors, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, The End of the Affair,  EVOL, Fear of Dolls, Frolic, Ghost in the Machine, Graveworm, Hecate Enthroned, Hyperdex-1-sect, Jennifer Hope, Katatonia, Lli Roth,  Let Me Dream, Mantra, The Moth Wranglers,  Myriads, True Kings of Norway,  Nigel Ayers, Randy Grief and Robin Story, One, Orbital , Ophelia's Sweet Demise, Ostara,  Samael, Scary Valentine, System Der Dinge,  Soil & Eclipse, Siebenburgen, The Shroud, Sidadal , Sintz, Tristania, Voltage Control, Voidod, Will , World Serpent 2000 Compilation

March  00 Concert Reviews:  His Name is Alive, The Weahter, Flashpaper and Heart + Hand; Bella Morte

March 00 Features and Interviews: Glampire and Seraphim Shock 

February 00 CD Reviews: The Atomic Bitchwax, Angelique, Arise from Thorns, Assemblage 23, Brent Campbell, Beth Hart, Changes, Core, Covenant, Cauda Pavonis, Jonathon Coleclough,  Cyclobe, Deathwatch Beetle Repairman, Decadence, David E. Williams, Holy Dio, DJ Wally, Desaccord Majeur, Dredful Shadows, Endura, Escapade, Evoken, Faith and Disease, Gitane DeMone, Hate Eternal, Himinbjorg, In the Nursery, I Will I, Johhny Pinkhouse Presents, Karma to Burn, Kate Rears, Tor Lundvall and Tony Wakeford, Malaise, My Dying Bride, Metroscene, A Murder of Angels, Muslimgauze, Myssouri, Newt, Nightfall, Opera Multi-Steel, Peace681, Paradise Lost, Platform One, Rapoon, Hans J. Salter, Sandman, Sentenced, Seraphim Shock, Spiritual Bats, Skylash, Stress Monkey, Soil  Eclipse, Still Patient?, Saint Vitus, Sylt, Tori Amos, This Eternal Machine, Triple Point, B Movie Valentino, Vidi Vitties, VNV Nation, Vox Barbara, Vehemence Realized, Wally Brill

February 00 Concert Revews: Metroscene, Margot Day

February 00 Interviews: Gitane DeMone, Glitch, In the Nursery, Sara Jezebel Diva, Savak, Still Patient?, Venus, Vehemence Realized 

January 00 Radio and CD Reviews: Cyberage, IPM, Adrian Alexis, Air, Anathema, ANGELS W/ KNIVES, The Azoic, Creeping Myrtle,  CTRL, Curved Space, Diabolicum, Dreadful Shadows, Dark Side Cowboy, Maras Torment, Mortmain, My Dying Bride, Nightfall, Orasion, ODK, Painstation, Paralyzed Age, PIG (a flim), Rapture, Square Pusher, Suture Sevin, Svartahrid, Tear Ceremony

January 00 Interviews: Attrition, Daed Voices on Air, Das Ich, Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), In Strict Confidence

January 00 Concert Reviews: Dead Voices On Air, Not Breathing, Powder French, Vampire Nation, Parvilus Infectus, In Flames, Moonspell, Sanctorum, Somnus 

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