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Oct/Nov/Dec 02 Features and Interviews: Beyond the Pale: Goths Take Over BBC Radio; Star of Ash, vidnaObmana, Bumblefoot, Descendants of Cain, Minefield.

Oct/Nov/Dec 02 Concert Reviews: Release the Bats presents Frankestein, Frank the Baptist, Happy Death Men (featuring John Koviak), Crush Violets, Fallen 019; Black Celebration: Apoptygma Berzerk, Sheep on Drugs, Sulpher, Greenhaus, Angels & Agony, Chaos Engine, Needleye, Neurophoria; The Cruxshadows; Theatres des vampires, Killing Miranda, Descendants of Cain, Season's End; Diary of Dreams, The Faces of Sarah, Diorama, The Venus Fly Trap; Exile: Passsion Play, Belisha, Descendants of Cain; Neuroticfish, Revolution By Night; Seize; The Faces of Sarah, Malaise, CD Molina, Deadbeat Radicals; Kiss The Frog, Leisur Hive, Forcis; Unto Ashes, Mors Syphlitica; Whitby Gothic Weekend (Nov 02)

Oct/Nov/Dec 02 CD Reviews Part 1: All About Eve, Abscess, Action Directe, Aesma Daeva, Antimatter, Daniel Ash, Bathory, Black Ice, The Brides, Bumblefoot, Christian Death, Chandeen, Chaos Engine, Claire Voyant, Claustraphobia, Collide, The Cruxshadows, Daimonia Nymphe, Deep Red, Deranged, Diablo, Divine Lust, Divine Souls, Dominion III, Downfall, The Dreamside, Dr. Kevorkian & the Suicide Machine, D.U.S.T., The Entity, Envy, Eternia, Fiction8, Fields of the Nephilim, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Grief of Emerald, Hammerfall, Hatesphere, Heimdall,  History of Guns, In Strict Confidence, Killing Miranda, The Kovenant, Limbonic Art

Oct/Nov/Dec 02 CD Reviews Part 2: Mactätus, Manticora, Midnight Syndicate, MonumentuM, Nameless, The Narcissus Pool, Necrophobic, Novemberís Doom, The Order Of Azrael, Chuck Owston, Paralysed Age, Pissing Razors, Primordial, Proteus, Random Touch, Raunchy, Remorea, Pale Horse and Rider, Rivulets,  Rock and Roll Star Destroyer, Salem, Sift, Silent Voices, The Sins, Sobriquet, Soren, Star Of Ash, Therion, Thy Majestie, Thyrfing, Thy Veils, Trail of Tears, Valis, Vampire Nation, Vintersorg, Winterland, Various Artists: Gothic Club Classics Volume 1; The Best of Gothic Radio; Kiss The Night; Square Matrix 001: An Alfa-Matrix label sampler; Str8line 2, Wasp Factory - WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND ANIMALS - Volume 2

Sept 02/Oct 02 - Features: Goths Love Affair with the Chameleons, The Empire Prepares for a West Coast Takeover: Empire Hideous and Belisha, When Andi met Andi: a conversation with Andi Sex Gang

Sept 02 - CD Reviews: Autumn Clan, Am'Ganesha'n, ...And Oceans, Audra, The Changelings, COLLECTION DíARNELL-ANDRÉA, Dream Disciples, Deep Red, Excession, Fischerspooner, Ghoultown, Haf/Life, hellothisisalex, Human Drama, In Flames, Internicine, In The Nursery, Kalmah, The Lady of the House of Scandal, Lycia, Memo, Moon Rock, Myrkskog, Nihil Communication, Rajna, Shinjuku Theif, The Machine In The Garden, The Naked and the Dead, Upland, Vultures, Wreckage, Various Artists: Dreams in the Witch House Compilation; Various Artists: Songs of Terror; Various Artists: Tribute Of The Year Faith No More

Sept 02 - Concert Reviews: Assemblage 23, Monosect, D.U.S.T.; The Last Dance and Bella Morte, Concrete Blonde; The Damned; eX-Girl, Torqamada, Montana Pete; The Ghost Of Lemora, Corrosion, Tarantella Serpentine, Excession, Ju-Ju Babies; Ghoultown; Jesus Fix, The Ghost Of Lemora, Libitina, Muffpunch; Resurrection 10th Anniversary Party: Faces of Sarah, Manuskript, Inkubus Sukkubus; Siouxsie & The Banshees; Social Tees Animal Rescue Fund Benefit Concert; Launch Party for the Wasp Factory Compilation album Working With Children and Animals Volume 2: Freudstein, Swarf, Psychophile, Deathboy, Ariel and the Flames; Wayne Hussey 

August 02 - CD Reviews Part 1: 48 Sin, Agalloch, Beseech, The Chaos Engine, The Changelings, Conscious Structure, Das Ich, Dark Tranquillity, Elfman, Evoken, Excession, Gaussian Surface Project, Hate, Icon of Coil, Imperial Orgy, In Tenebris, Itchy Pushy, Jack Frost, Lecanoscope, Lunatic Gods, Lethal Injection, Marc Almond, Merzbow, Meshuggah, A Murder of Angels, Mortiis

August 02 - CD Reviews Part 2: Neuroticfish, Ominivoyeur, Opium Jukebox, Plaid, Rajna, Ramones Forever - An International Tribute,Regan, Scissorkiss, Satellite Dub, Sound Disciples, A Spell Inside, Second Skin, Starcry, The Machine In The Garden, The Trinity Project, TRS-80, TVKiLL, Unwoman, Voodoo,  Various Artists: Working With Children And Animals Volume 2 (Wasp Factory), Wyrmwood the Legacy, Clan of Xymox

August 02 - Interviews: Brave, Dark Tranquillity, Funhouse, Lapis (Bitter Grace) and George Tabb (The Gynocologists/Furious George)

July 02 - CD Reviews: The 69 Eyes, All About Eve, Analog Missionary, Apotheosis, Battlelore, Brave, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Exist, Faith & Disease, Filth, Funhouse, Lycia, Maenad, Mithotyn, Myssouri, The Prophecy, Sweatysuedelips, Sirenia, Terror 2000, tapping The Vein, Unitus, The Vanishing, VIDI AQUAM, Voltaire, Waterglass 

July 02 - Concert Reviews and Features: Cinema Strange, Death in Dresden, Goteki, Angelbomb, Venus Fly Trap, I.O.N., Zwartenblauw, Waterglass, Seventh Harmonic plus  Convergence 8 (c8) Coverage and Projektfest.

June 02 - Interviews: Immortal, Memory Burn, Killing Miranda, Suspiria, Boyd Rice

June 02 - Concert Reviews: Gotham Festvial, Immortal, Soilwork

June 02 - CD Reviews Prt 2: Pihr, Steve Roach / vidnaObmana, Steve Roach (DVD), The Syntax Cabal, Satellite Dub, SMP, Season of Mourning, Susperia, Throes Of Dawn, Turn Pale, Winterland, Wreckage, Various Artists: Mutations: A Tribute to Alice Cooper, Prokekt 2002.1

June 02 - CD Reviews Prt 1: 5 More Dead, Audra, Body Armour, Bola, Breather, Das Ich, Damage Effect, Deadfilmstar, Entety, Entwine, Fredrik Klingwall, The Great Deceiver, Hollydrift, Hate Theory, Informatik, Kaamos, Kidney Thieves, Little Evil Things, Memory Burn, My Dying Bride, Minefield, Mercyful Fate, A Murder of Angels, Monster Trux 

May 02 - Concert Reviews and Interviews: Element, The Lords of the New Church, Judgement Day Festival,  Julian Tulip's Licorice, Julianne Regan of All About Eve, Sam Rosenthal

May 02 - CD Reviews: Alchemist, Apocalyptica, Bethlehem, Butterfly Messiah, The Brides, Benjamin Stauffer, The Chameleons, The Church, Cinema Strange, Devour Ensemble, Descendants of Cain, Daughters of the Nile, Informatik, Inure, Jimmy Decay, KMFDM, Mind Confusion, The Mission, Monster Movie, Nexus, Neurotic Fish, Primal Fear, Plexus, Peter Murphy, Passion Play, Psicorragia, R|A|A|N, Rain Fell Within, Skepticism, Tanakh, The 3rd & The Mortal, Tiamat, Tapping The Vein, Turnerjoy, Virgo, VNV Nation, VR (Vehemence Realized), Wreckage. Various Artists: San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial Compilation

April 02 - Concert Reviews: The Chaos Engine, D.U.S.T., Tarantella Serpentine, Zwartenblauw @ Club Noir, London; Elektrofest: And One, Beborn Beton, The Nine, Komputer, Swarf, Synthetic, The Sepia and Kinetik @ Mean Fiddler, London; Frankenstein @ Release the Bats Long Beach, California; JUDITH with JANE JENSEN and THE BRIDES @ North Six, New York

April 02 - CD Reviews: Aenima, Agmen, Amorphis, Anathema, Apoptygma Berzerk, Acrturus, Belisha, Butterfly Messiah, Cadaveria, Centinex, The Cranes, E-Craft, Fatima Hill, Frost, Flowing Tears, Hypocrisy, Inertia, VA: At the End of Infinity, Insomnium, Khold, KMFDM, Manuskript, Miriam, Moonsorrow, The Naked and the Dead, New Days Delay, Outta Luck, Pale Forest, Pablo St Chaos, Pulcher Femina, Shemsu Hor, Squealer, Thy Primordial, VA: Vapourspace: The Magna Carta Remix Series volume 1, Winds, Oneiroid Psychosis, Eternia, Götterdämmerung

April 02 - Interviews: Seventh Harmonic, DJ Dave Exile, The Chaos Engine, Capt. Matt's Armada, Swarf

April 02 - Features: Frank Tovey- Fad Gadget tribute; Rock/Jazz Fusion Feature: Ben Graves, Brett Garsed and TJ Helmerich, Chris Poland, Shawn Lane and Jonas Hellborg, Virgil Donati; GothCon

March 02 - CD Reviews: 12 Tales (V/A), Acid Ice Flows, Armagedda, Avaritia, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Butterfly Messiah, Cat As Trophy, Cesium 137, Deteriorot, Dalet-Yod, Emtombed, Enslaved, Etoile Noire, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects, HMB, Immortal, Inertia, Leisurehive, Lazy Lane, Morgan's Cannon, Necare, NeikkaRPM, Project 12:01, Regenerator, Reign of Erebus, Roadsaw, The Sins, Skymning, Soilwork, Solarized, Source of Tide, Spahn Ranch, SpySociety99, Summoning, Salome's Wish, Theory in Practice, Theatre of Tragedy, This Vale of Tears, VNV Nation, Wolverine 

March 02 - Concert Reviews: Malediction Goth Festival with The Dream Disciples, The Chaos Engine, Libitina, Swarf, Seize, Psychophile; Mechanical Cabaret with Synthetic and The Sepia; Nosferatu with Theatres des Vampires, Season's End and The Ghost of Lemora 

March 02 - Interviews: ARZT+PFUSH, Soilwork, Virgin Black

February 02 - CD Reviews: 9XDead, 16 Horsepower, Alio Die & Amelia Cuni, Astral, Autechre, Bleeding Like Mine, Boshetunmay, The Changelings, Christopher, Con Dolore, Converter / Asche / Morgenstern, The Damned,  Dawn of Dreams, Detraction, Desert + Fortune, Disco Inferno, Die My Darling, Dwelling, Fad Gadget, Funhouse, Flaming Fire, Garden of Dreams, Hate Department, Isobella, Jill Tracy, Kaul, Limbonic Art, Luna in Caelo, Lost Faith, Reptilica, Rock and Roll Star Destroyer, Seventh Harmonic, The Shroud, Synthetic, Theatre of Tragedy, Vader, Very Metal, Zoar, Various Artists: A Misfit Christmas (Middle Pillar)

February 02 - Concert Reviews: 11th Hour, Datura, Dream Disciples with Altered States, Venus Fly Trap & Cauda Pavonis, Fad Gadget with Greenhaus & Psychophile, Regenerator with Void Construct and Neurophoria, Zeromancer with Undergod and Conetik

February 02 - Interviews: Decade DJs: TheOneBob (Bob Westphal) and Paul Aleinikoff, Die My Darling, Luna in Caelo

January 02 - CD Reviews Prt 1: Abigor, All About Eve, Arch Visceral Parlor, Belisha, Bitter Fall, Black Ocean Drowning, Bleeding Like Mine, The Blue Hour, Borknagar, The Brickbats, (V/A) A Cage Went in Search of a Bird, Corrosion, Cybele, The Deep Eynde, Diabolical, Divine Silence, Devine Townsend, The Empire Hideous, EmperorEnter My Silence, Faces of Sarah, Faith & the Muse, Flare, Larry Gaab, Green Carnation, (V/A) Hold the Vocals, Judith, Khanate, Legion Within, Luminous Flux, Luna in Caelo, Maudlin Of The Well, Mystic Circle 

Januray 02 - CD Reviews Prt 2: My Dying Bride, The Mission, Monstrare, The Mirror Reveals, November's Doom, Nosferatu, Psychophile, Sabrina, Scholomance, Sleepless, Solefald, Steve Roach, 85th Day (Subrosa), Soilwork, Turn Pale, Timescape Zero, Ulver, Virgin Black, vidnaObmana, Without Face, Ziino

January 02 - Interviews, Features, Concert Reviews: Green Carnation, Mara's Torment, Scholomance, D.U.S.T., The End Records, VNV Nation, Contempt (Clbu Night - NYC)

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