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July/August 05 CD Reviews: Action Directe, All My Faith Lost, Ausgang, Black Aura, Burning Image, The Bretah of Life, Client, The Clauberge Opera, Collide, Combichrist, Cradem Adventure, Dead Artist Syndrome, The Deadbillys, Deathcamp Project,  Domiana, Disco Students, Peter Ulrich, Eva O, Faetal, Fake, Falling You, Faith & Disease, One for Jude, Jute, KAS Product, Kooper Kain, KiloWatts, The Last Dance, La Peste Negra, The Machine In The Garden, Maplebee, Mercurine, Miss Pain, The Mist of Avalon, Midnight Syndicate, Morthem Vlade Art, NFD, Noblesse Oblige, Noctivagus, Noise Unit, No Tears, Observe and Control, Opened Paradise, Psydoll, Psychophile, Quidam, Redemption, Secrecy, The Sins, Skeletal Family, Sleeping Children, Slowdive, State of Being, Soulscape, Saint Silas Intercession, Tankt, Tears for the Dying, Thatch Noir, Tor Lundvall, Uninvited Guest, UK Decay, Ultranoir, The Unquiet Void, Voodoo Church, :Wumpscut:, Zombina And The Skeletones, Zeitgeist Zero. Various Artists: Nostalgia Del Buio; STROBELIGHTS VOL 2 (Strobelight Records).

July/August 05 Concert Reviews: Beyond The Veil Festival: Murder At The Registry, Violet Stigmata, Agonised By Love, Voices Of Masada, Opened Paradise; Dead & Buried: Devilish Presley, Ausgang, All Gone Dead; Einstürzende Neubauten; Jayne County And The Electric Chairs, Honest John Plain And Amigos, Devilish Presley; Mad Sin, US Bombs, Deadline, The Generators, The Deep Eynde, The Ski King; Queen Adreena, Ariel-X, Three Children Of Fortune; STG; Cinema Strange ; The Sixth Chamber. 

March/April 05 CD Reviews Part 1: Ancient Gallery, All My Faults, Amber Spyglass, American Music Club, The Azoic, Black Atmosphere, Bauhaus, Begodden Mists, Bill Pritchard, Biometric Structures, Bohemien, Bleak Track, Corrosion, Crack Ov Dawn, Charlotte's Shadow, Creamviii, Days And Nights In The Skeleton Crew, Der Eremit, Dick Dale, Dark Muse, Drop The Fear, Dust Fear of Lover, Dvar, Dwelling, Earth Loop Recall, Elan, eROTic, The Escape, Fixmer/McCarthy, Faith & The Muse, Headscan, Hungry Lucy, History Of Guns, Hanzel und Gretyl, In Strict Confidence, Juno Reactor, Killing Miranda, La Mamoynia, Laibach, Lamb of God, Legion Within, Live Not On Evil, Legendary Pink Dots, Lupercalia, Lycosia, Mono Chrome, Miss Pain. Neutral, NFD, Nozzle

March/April 05 CD Reviews Part 2: Orbit Service, Panzer AG, Project12:01, Razor Blade Kisses, Redemption, Rob Levit, Sandcastel, Seabound, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Sixth Floor, Sixteens, The Skabs, Snowdonnas, Shadow Reichenstein,  The Tunnel of Love, Tristania, Thy Veils, Undying Legacy, Unearth, Velvet Acid, Christ, Voodoo Church, Vittorio Vandelli, Voices of Masada, WarDogz, The Weegs, Wyrmwood, yelworC, Zadera; Various Artists: A Tribute To Dead Can Dance "The Lotus Eaters" (Black Lotus Records); Flowers Made of Snow (Cold Meat Industry); Pagan Love Songs: Antitaiment (Alive In...); Tanz Der Nacht: U Like To Dance? (Thunderdome). 

March/April 05 Concert Reviews: Dresden Dolls, Noblesse Oblige; Devilish Presley, New Days Delay, Katscan; Gang of Four, The Departure; Killing Joke, Alex Paterson; Laibach, Bonfire Madigan; Leisure::Hive; Cubic Space Division; No Hope for New Jersey; 65daysofstatic, Twentysixfeet, Living With Eating Disorders, Suitable Case for Treatment; Stazi, Miss Pain; Suicide, Mechanical Cabaret, Nought; 

March/April 05 Feature Story: Seventh Harmonic Interview: Sandwiched between Rampaging Noiseniks Caroline Jago tells the story of Seventh Harmonic. Uncle Nemesis listens and interrupts. ~by Uncle Nemesis

Nov/Dec 04 CD Reviews: And One, Arcana, Autodrone, Bestia Centauri, Death in Vegas, Emulsion, Flutter, The Ghost of Lemora, Graham Coxon, Informatik, Leisur::Hive, Lights of Euphoria, Living With Eating Disorders, The Lust I Seek, NFD, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Project Pitchfork (DVD), Quidam, The Rabies, Scary Bitches, Sixteens, Tragic Black, :wumpscut:.

Nov/Dec 04 Concert Reviews: Andi Sex Gang, The Dead, Demeter, Devilish Presley, Rome Burns; Atlantis Music Conference; Attrition, Voices Of Masada, Excession; Bats In The Belfry, Quidam, Voices Of Masada;Black Wire, Sevenball, Dirt Candy; Cinema Strange, Devilish Presley, Leisur::Hive; Frankenstein, Devilish Presley, Zen Motel, DC Molina; Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Mercury Rev, Silver Ray; Skeletal Family, The Last Cry; Siouxsie; The Tiger Lillies; The Last Dance, Funhouse, The Last Cry; Tuxedomoon, Attrition, The Dead; Psychic TV, Snowpony, Living With Eating Disorders; White Chapel Fiends.

Nov/Dec 04 Interviews: The Last Days of Jesus; Necare.

Nov/Dec 04 Feature: Drop Dead Festival - NYC

Sept/Oct 04 Interviews: Frankenstein, Peccatum

Sept/Oct 04 CD Reviews Part1: All About Eve, The Act, Action Directe, After Forever, Aina, Alunared, Apocalypse Pow, ASP, Astro Vamps, Attrition (three reviews), Aurora, Azreal, Balzac, Batzz in the Belfry, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Blackfall, Blut Aus Nord, Bobby BeauSoleil, The Brides, The Can Utility, Cannibal Planet, Carphax Files, Cell Division, Chastisement, Chrome, Coil, Crisis, The Cure, David E Williams, Dead Babies, Die Form, Dolmen, Droom, Eerie Ln, Ego Likeness, The Empire Hideous, Emulsion, Epica, Eurocide, Faith & Disease, The Fall of the Leafe, Franke the Baptist (two reviews), The Haloes / Chaz Halo, Hatesex, Icon of Coil, Ikon (two reviews), Inertia, Neurosis & Jarboe,  Johnny Forlorn, Kiuas, The Last Days of Jesus, Law (two reviews), Les Baton Rouge

Sept/Oct 04 CD Reviews Part2:  Mabou, Mana ERG, Manuskript, Mar De Grises, Melissa's Intent, Miguel and the Living Dead, The Mirror Reveals, Machine Men, Morgion, Morthem Vlade Art, Mister Monster, Murder By Death, Muslimgauze, MXD, Myssouri, Nick Grey and the Random Orchestra, Ninth House, NON, Ordeal by Fire, Peccatum, People Like Us + Kenny G, Phantom Vision, PJ Harvey, Popoi Sdioh, Radio Berlin, Rita Lynch, Roger Rotor, Rachel's Surrender, The Screaming Banshee Aircrew, The Setup, ShamRain, Silvery, Sixteen Horsepower, The Sixth Chamber, Shadowns Land, Subterranean Masquerade, Swarf, Synapscape, Textures, Throbbing Gristle, Theodor Bastard, Thighpaulsandra, Turn Pale, The Tunnel of Love, Veil of Thorns, Venus Fly Trap, Vernian Process, Vortex, Watts, White Chapel Fiends, Winds, Xashtur, Zentriert ins Antiltz. Various Artists:  XII  Caesars, Colours of Black, Cryonica Tanz V.3 (Cryonica), Describing Paranoia (Parasomnic), Gothic Magazine Compilation XXI (Batbeliever), Gothic Magazine Compilation XXII (Batbeliever), Gothic Magazine Compilation XXIII (Batbeliever), NEW DARK AGE Volume 2 (Strobelight), Sex: Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die (Only Lovers Left Alive), Strobelights Volume 1 (Strobelight), Under the Rays of the Night Sun (Shadowplay), Mystic Sounds Twelve (Zillo).

July/August 04 Concert Reviews: Terry Edwards And The Scapegoats, Leisur::Hive, Living With Eating Disorders; Skinny Puppy, Portion Control; Living With Eathing Disorders; Dick Dale; Throbbing Gristle; Antiworld, Sleeping Children, The Screaming Banshee Aircrew

May/June 04 CD Reviews Part 1: And Also the Trees, Archeron, Aghata Kristy, Amaran, Arkam Asylum, Ascii Disko, Alien Sex Fiend, Aureate, Belborn, Blooding Mask, Bordello, Broken Arrow, Cadaveria, Calabrese, Carter, The Unstoppable Sex Machine, Centinex, Choronzon, Darkstyle, Datura, Dead 2 Life, Der Gerwelt, DeSade, Deviant, Robert Devereux, Dream Into Dust, The Duskfall, Dwelling, Earth Loop Recall, Empire Hideous, The Endless, Eucharist, Facebreaker, Family of Noise, Filament 38, Frank the Baptist, Franz Ferdinand, Frost (uk), The Gathering, Goteki, Grand Chaos, History of Guns, Horned God, Idoru, Impaled Nazarene, Katatonia.

May/June 04 CD Reviews Part 2: Leech Woman, Leisur::Hive, Libitina, Little Match Girl, Live Not On Evil, Melechesh, Mephisto Walz, Mistress, Morning After, My Dying Bride, Myssouri, Necrodeath, On Thorns I Lay, Ordeal By Fire, Other Day, Penis Flytrap, Pride and Fall, The Prids, Pushing Up Daisies, The Quantum Dots, The Razor Skyline, Rome Burns, Scarve, The Screeches, Skinned, Soilwork, Soul Whirling Somewhere, The Sound, A Spectre Is Haunting Europe, Stayte, Suicide Commando, Swan Christy, The Third & The Mortal, Totakeke,Unto Ashes, Utopia:Banished, Vampire Nation, VCR, Velocity, Voices of Masada, We Are Childhood Equals, Zakas, Zentropia. Various Artists: The Bells Shall Sound Forever: A Tribute To Current 93; Colorado Dark Arts Festival; Cryotank Volume One (Cryonica); Ethiopiques Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 10; New Dark Age Vol 1 (Strobelight); Notes From The Real Underground (Underground Inc/Invisible); Vier Factor #1 (Dancing Ferret). 

May/June 04 Concert Reviews: Bella Morte, Zombina And The Skeletones, Devilish Presley; Dream Disciples; Deathboy, Devilish Presley, Earth Loop Recall, Faetal; Beyond The Veil 2004: ASP,  Bella Morte, Escape With Romeo, The Last Days of Jesus, The Last Dance, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Deathcamp Project; Openín Band Blues: Salem Fires, Shroud of Bereavement , Malice in Leatherland; Armageddon Dildos, Inertia, Aslan Faction; AMY!POP; Dead And Buried: The Last Days Of Jesus, Devilish Presley, The Vincent Razorbacks.

May/June 04 Feature/Interviews: Echo & The Bunnymen Remasters; Get out of the Garage!!! Basim Talks Shop with Voltaire and Andy (Bella Morte); Seven Seraphim / Andrew Szucs Interview

February 04 CD Reviews: All About Eve, All Living Fear, After The End, Akercocke, Apostasy, Arachnes, Autumnblaze, 
Butterfly Messiah, Boudoir, The Cruxshadows, Darkane, Dekoy, Desolation Radio, Earth Loop Recall, Elenium, Fiction 8, Fictional, The Faces of Sarah, The Fair Sex, Funhouse, Gardens of Gehenna, Graveyard Bats, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Ghost Orchids, Ghost Train, Haflife, Haloblack, Invocator, Jim Lampos, The Leeches, The Legion, Living With Eating Disorders, Malice In Leatherland, Mutilated Mannequins, Moonspell, Mystic Circle, Naglfar, Orion, Popoi Sdioh, Psycho D-Vein, Radio Berlin, Rector Scanner, Seethings, Seven Seraphim, Seventh Harmonic, Space Odyssey, Stark, Thunderbirds Are Now, Tiamat, The Unholy Guests, While Heaven Wept, Worm, Zombina and the Skeletones, Various Artists: AURAL QUAGMIRE (Voltage Records); A CAT-SHAPED HOLE IN MY HEART (Projekt); A DARK NOEL The Very Best Of Excelsis (Projekt); Phases: The Dark Side of Music (The End); SENSITIVE SAMPLER  (Sensitive); VIER FACTOR #1 (Dancing Ferret)

February 04 Concert Reviews and Interviews: All About Eve, Manuskript; Dogs Blood Rising; Interlock, Devilish Presley, Maxdmyz, Global Noise Attack, Bella Morte, Elend, In Strict Confidence

...And so, on a cloudy afternoon in December, as the world spins in its horrors, as the challenges of my own life boil up around me, these sounds, like living things, reach through the aethers and draw me in.  I am transported.  I type from another land.  Sorrow is transformed.  Every-thing is possible, but not without damage.  Not sound, but The Great Mystery, is what comes through these speakers.  It washes me.  Take us with the floods. 

And finally, I am weeping.

- from a review of The Diaphanous Depressions by Thy Veils written by Goat

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