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Whitby Band Photos
photo by Uncle Nemesis - graphic manipulation by Blu
Part 3:
Misc Whitby Gothic Weekend Photos and Resource Links
~reviewed by Uncle Nemesis
(photos courtesy of Uncle Nemesis)
Nathalie and Bunny Peculiar
Everything stops for Tea - Photo by Emily
Mike and Nadine
Gothpat and Jo
Kristy and a pint

The Whitby Gothic Weekend - contacts, credits, information sources, and related links:

The official Whitby Gothic Weekend website:

Email address for the Whitby Gothic Weekend:

An unofficial German Whitby Gothic Weekend site:

Snail-mail address for ticket orders, mailing list, hard-copy information, etc: 

Whitby Gothic Weekend
PO Box 6
CH46 3WA

If you're a band, and you'd like to play at a future WGW, normal procedures apply. Send your promotional material and information to Jo Hampshire at the snail-mail address above. New bands are welcome to put themselves forward for the Friday night showcase. If you fancy a headline, you'll have to convince Jo that you've got the necessary UK-scene profile to justify the top spot. Please note that with only two events per year, opportunities to play are limited - don't run away with the idea that a booking is guaranteed. Note also that WGW bands are generally booked a year in advance.  The complete list of bands which have played previous weekends can be seen on the official WGW website.

Announcements regarding the Whitby Gothic Weekend are posted to uk.people.gothic (sometimes before the new information shows up on the website). This newsgroup has also been the de facto forum for WGW-related discussion, arguments, rants, etc, since the early days of the festival. There will usually be several WGW-threads running in the weeks before, and immediately after, each weekend. DJ sets from the WGW are usually posted to uk.people.gothic shortly after each event.

In addition to this, a new on-line forum has recently been created on the WGW website.

You may also find Whitby-related discussions on Slashgoth:

Sexy Sunday - Hazel's Sunday night extravaganza in Whitby. An independently promoted event, not part of the official WGW, but very much part of the same general mayhem:

Whitby Gothic Weekend online photo galleries:

The Whitby photo gallery index on the Darkwave site is a good jumping-off point for WGW photo-collections going right back to the first weekend in 1994:

Many of the photos in the first part of this feature were taken by Olga K., who has more shots of Whitby bands and people on her own site:

There's a good selection of photos from the April 2002 event on the Insanitorium club website:  Click on 'photos' when you arrive at the main page.

Lyssa's photo of Tina from Switchblade Symphony appears in this feature. See more WGW photos (and read the stories behind the pictures) on her own site. This link takes you directly to the relevant index page:

The Whitby Gothic Weekend just isn't the same without Jerry's ass:

There are plenty more WGW photo-galleries out there. Check uk.people.gothic for announcements as new photos from the April 2002 weekend are uploaded.

The bands from the April 2002 Whitby Gothic Weekend:
Paradise Lost:
Passion Play:
Jesus Loves Amerika:
Little Match Girl:
Arkham Asylum:
Action Directe:
Thanks to Mike of Manuskript and Justin of Passion Play for their help with this feature.

Additional credits:
Thanks are also due to the following people:
Valerie Palmer:
Natasha Scharf of Meltdown Magazine:
Phill White of The Narcissus Pool:
Scary Lady Sarah of American Gothic Productions:

Quotes within the feature are drawn from email conversations before the April 2002 WGW, real life conversations at the event itself, plus postings made to uk.people.gothic regarding past weekends.

Whitby - the town, tourism, history, and Harry Potter:

The official site for the town of Whitby:

A tourist-oriented Whitby site (some photos from this site were used in this feature):

Whitby Abbey - a history and virtual tour. An acadmeic site giving insight into the history of Whitby as a religious centre from the seventh century onwards:

The Whitby Abbey Headland Project - Conservation and archeaology in Whitby:

Captain Cook - a site devoted to Whitby's 18th century explorer:

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway - vintage trains amid the moorland landscape near Whitby. Goathland station was used as the location for Hogsmead in the Harry Potter movie. Please note that Hogwarts Castle itself, which looms above the station in the film, is not visible to muggles in real life:

Students from Whitby Community College play Hogwarts pupils in the Harry Potter movie. Just thought I'd throw that one in:

This feature was written, researched, and generally bashed into shape by Uncle Nemesis:

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