Midnight in Washington D.C.

StarVox LIVE was a series of events put on by StarVox Staff writers whose purpose was to promote new bands and local music. The nights usually consisted of the writers spinning music from CDs recently reviewed on StarVox and when possible, also featured live bands. All attempts to include the community were made by providing space for local scene vendors to sell their wares. Labels and bands were encouraged to send in flyers, stickers, postcards and giveaways for promotion and patrons usually left with an armload of goodies. It was a great night for bands, fans, labels and artists to network.

No future events are planned at this point.
For reviews of past StarVox LIVE events, read here:
StarVox LIVE 1 in Atlanta

The StarVox LIVE flyer designed by Reece

StarVox LIVE 2 in Houston

The flyer for StarVox Live at Underworld in Houston

StarVox LIVE 3 in Seattle
StarVox LIVE 4 in Pittsburgh
StarVox LIVE 5 in Seattle

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