The StarVox LIVE flyer designed by ReeceThe first StarVox LIVE hailed as a success!
(if we do say so ourselves)
Nomenclature Museum, Atlanta, Ga
photos and words by Blu

March 15th was the first StarVox LIVE event held at Nomenclature Museum in Atlanta. Sponsored by the promoters from Pandora's Box and Nocturnia, the entire purpose of the night was to promote the bands and labels that have kindly supported and contributed to StarVox since its start in August of 1999 and to bring about a renewed interest and awareness in the great new talents we have out there. Doors opened at 9pm and by 10:30 it was wall to wall packed - quite an impressive showing for a city who's notoriously late-minded when it comes to clubbing. 

Lilith and DJ Dead ParrotCD's were spun by DJ's Admortem and Dead Parrot - all from bands that have graced these pages in reviews (playlists below). Programs were handed out highlighting some of our favorite musicians and labels and thanking those that had sent materials to make this event possible. Food was provided to quell the appetites through the evening and several local bands stopped in to join the festivities. Members of Nothing Inside, Metroscene, Launch, The Girl Pool, The Broken Men and Lili Roth all stopped in to say hello. 

Flyers, stickers, posters, postcards and an unbelievable amount of CD's were given away to eager fans, DJ's, promoters, writers and fellow musicians. Promotional bags containing even Jett Black (Nocturnal Movements) and songstress Lili Rothmore flyers were supplied by Jett Black of Nocturnal Movements and were a convenient way to collect handfuls of goodies. Though some people did dance, the vast majority of the crowd spent the night in deep conversations - either about the music being played (I kept getting people running up to me saying, "Who's this they're spinning now?"), catching up with people that haven't been out in ages or discussing new music ventures. Rick Meyers from Large Orange Music was even on hand to support Lili Roth and her CD that he not only produced in his studio but played guitar on. 

It was a successful evening by all accounts and hopefully we've sparked Chris Camillo from Nothing Inside muses over promo CD'ssome renewed interest in some wonderful bands. We'd like to ask for feedback from any of you guys if you picked up CD's that night (or at GothCon). We'd like to know what you thought of them and the bands and labels are eager to see what the reaction is. Please email me at with your comments on the promotional items. 

I'd like to thank the following people for making that night possible: 

    Mike and John from Pandora's Box(L to R)Mike from Pandora's Box talks to Steven

    Kary from Nocturnia

    The Staff at Nomenclature Museum

    Justin (from the Jay Aston camp) for helping me set up 

    Jett Black - form promotional goodies, enthusiasm and support 

    Michale and Winston from The Girl Pool for venturing out! We hope you come back again soon. 

    Chris (and Jennifer!) from Nothing Inside

    The wonderful Brit-pop boys from Metroscene (thanks for the good conversation) 

    The guys from Launch

    DJs Admortem and Dead Parrot and their better halves - Sheryl and Lilith <wink>(L to R) Mark sneaking in with Jett's birthday cake, Kitten and Scott, and Steven doing the GQ thing with a pixie stick

    Rick Meyer and Lili Roth 

    David Love from The Broken Men 

    Joe Christ - for being ... himself :) 

    All the Nomenclature regulars and those we haven't seen in a while that showed up (we've missed you! Come back more often!) 

    Howie from the Chamber for bringing more Glitterdome passes 

    Reece Curry for designing the flyersMichael (Sonata) talks to DJ Nobody

    The StarVox staff for putting up with my scattered-brained mind in the month of March and April 

    And lastly, a big round of thanks to all the bands and labels that went to the effort to send us promotional materials for this event. 


DJ Dead Parrot (
Artist - Title - Album [Label]
'R' denotes request 

    Biopsy - Alder Item - Cervix State Sequences [DSBP] 

    Gooding - Liptunium 237 - Factory Blue [Sixth Sense] 

    Myssouri - My Eye - Malamerica [s/r] 

    The Machine in the Garden - Heavenly Air - Veils and Shadows [s/r] 

    Lycia - Bare - Cold [Projekt] 

    Peter Ulrich - Tagahara's Leaving - Pathways and Dawn [Projekt] 

    Voltaire - When You're Evil - Devil's Bris [Projekt] 

    The Girl Pool [R] - Paradise AM - Girl Pool [s/r] 

    London After Midnight - Spider and the Fly - Selected Scenes... [Metropolis]Winston from The Girl Pool

    Last Dance - Do you Believe in Angels - Unquiet Grave [Cleopatra] 

    The Cruxshadows - Monsters - Telemetry of a Fallen Angel [Nesak] 

    Vehemence Realised - track 4 - Severe [Palace of Worms] 

    Clan of Xymox - This World - Hidden Faces [Tess] 

    Adrian Alexis - I Feel Fine - Random Cuts [s/r] 

    Dies Irae - Reverence - Dogma [s/r] 

    Scary Valentine - Go To Hell - Gorgon [s/r] 

    Nothing Inside - Empty - End [s/r] 

    Thirteen13 - Rest in Pieces - Hologram Rose [s/r] 

    Translucia - track 1 - Translucia [s/r] 

    The Changelings - Jonny Ether's Great Escape - Terra Firma [s/r] 

    Rhea's Obsession - Too Deep - Between Earth and Sky [Metropolis] 

    Collide - Beneath the Skin - Diva X Machina [COP Int'l] 

    Razor Skyline - Exit Zero - Diva X Machina 2 [COP Int'l] 

    Battery - Betrayal - Momentum [COP Int'l] 

    Soil & Eclipse - Meridian - Meridian [COP Int'l] 

    Margot Day - Neptune - Sacred! [Future]

    Lili Roth - track 2 - Lili Roth [s/r] 

    Chiasm - Liquefy - Chiasm [s/r] 

    Jezebel - B4 the Slaughter - Jezebel [s/r] 

    Advent Sleep - Sleep - Egos & Eros [Pink Cathedral]Launch (in the background) and Nomenclature regulars

    Glampire - Super Sad - Heraldic Universe [s/r] 

    Deep Eynde - track 6 - Gothabilly 

    Deep Eynde - Ignite - Children of the Damned [Apollyon] 

    Brickbats - track 7 - Creepy Crawly [s/r] 

    Autumn - How It Came to be This Way - The Hating Tree [Tess] 

    The Last Dance - Cities in Dust - Siouxsie tribute [Cleopatra] 

    Tapping the Vein - Butterfly - Unquiet Grave [Cleopatra] 

    Aesma Daeva - Stay - Here Lies One... [Accession] 

    Battery - Gangsta's Paradise [R] - Distant [COP Int'l] 

    Wench - Radio India - Wench [Razor Byrne] 

DJ Admortem (
  • Pulp-I Spy 
  • Mantra-Of Every Defect 
  • Cure-Maybe Someday 
  • Metroscene-Sunday AfternoonMetroscene (left) talks to fans 
  • The Clash-London Calling 
  • Nekromantik-Children Go Bang 
  • Suspiria-Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy 
  • Attrition-Atomizer 
  • Libitina-Gothic People 
  • Bella Morte-The Rain within her Hands 
  • Cruxshadows-Marilyn, My Bitterness 
  • Faith and the Muse-Through the Pale Door 
  • Gossamer-Run 
  • Cutratebox-Heart Break Cinema 
  • Ghost In the Machine-Big Gimmick 
  • Snog-Are you normal enough 
  • Deathwatch Beetle-Dream of the Hollow Fishes 
  • Invocation-Oppenheimer 
  • Seraphim Shock-Beyond ForeverJennifer (far Right) and David Love from the Broken (far left) men outside the DJ Booth 
  • Clan of Xymox-Jasmine and Rose 
  • Machine In the Garden-Lost Inside 
  • Vehemence Realized-Old 
  • The Night Eternal-A drop in the well 
  • Diary of Dreams-Rumours about Angels 
  • Girls Under Glass-Halloween 
  • Sneaky Bat Machine-Boneshaker 
  • Pulp-Disco 2000 
  • Metroscene-Tartan Skin 
  • Licorice-The Day Gina Lost Her Smile 
  • Mortiis-Passing By, an old raped village 
  • ODK-InquisitionNomenclature's favorite resident Diva -  Chris 
  • Deathwatch Beetle-King of the Rooks 
  • Changelings-11:59, Oct. 30 
  • New York Room-Kiss of the Succubus 
  • Drumatic-Whirly Possessions 
  • Voltaire-When you're evil 
  • Backworld-The Devils plaything