"Goth somehow still retains its intrinsic sense of beauty and dignity, as well as prevarication, 
bitchiness and mania. That's as it should be. It's a contrary child." - Mick Mercer, Hex Files

StarVox Club Links

International Gothic Club Listing
Alchemy - New York
Antiquity - Pittsburgh, PA
BatCave Party - Germany
The Castle- Tampa, FL
Ceremony- Pittsburgh, PA
Club Noire - Hollywood, CA
Contempt - New York
The Curtain Club - Tx
Dark Bar - Hollywood, CA
Dead and Buried - UK
Death Guild - San Francisco, Ca
The Dive Bar - San Francisco, Ca
Exile - UK
House of Voodoo - San Fran, CA
Mannequin- Long Beach, CA 
Nocturna - Chicago
NY Decay - New York
Onderstroom- Nijmegen Netherlands
Pagan Love Songs - Germany 
Release the Bats - Long Beach, CA
Sacrement - Hamburg, Germany
The Secret Room - Atlanta, GA
SWARM - Dallas, TX

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