"Like falling asleep in your bed at home and then you wake up a month later in the desert, 
wearing a loincloth and leading a pack of kangaroo mice into battle against the cacti menace."
-Lucus, Cinema Strange

Blu's Personal Misc links
The Art of Craig Mullins
Ward Boult Studio
Blu's Artwork
Casket Furniture
The Claw's Gothic & Horro Fonts
Club Creatures
Crescent City Cemeteries
Digital Apocalypse
A dreamy Goth Bed
Dubh Sith Ink
Elara's Garden
Famous Fonts
Gothic Cat of the Week
How Loathsome
Caitlin R. Kiernan official page
Phaedra's Philtres Essential Aromatherapy
Roq la Rue
Rose Mortem ~ Romantic goth apparel
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Banknote Corp.
Spirit Wolf Trading
A Study of the Goth Subculture
Versus Media

Fine Art Images by Shane Garner

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