The Ghost of Lemora


Skeletal Family
The Ghost Of Lemora
Living With Eating Disorders
Underworld, London October 17 2003
The Damned
In Strict Confidence
Killing Miranda
Mechanical Cabaret
The Ghost Of Lemora
Descendants Of Cain
Camden Palace, London
May 18, 2003
Whitby Gothic Weekend
April 2003
Ghost of Lemora 
with The Narcissus Pool
Devonshire Arms, London
February 14 2003
Ghost of Lemora
with Sex Gang Children
Slimelight, London
July 27 2002
Ghost of Lemora
with Jesus Fix, Libitina, Muffpunch
The Verge, London
July 14 2002
Ghost of Lemora
with Corrosion, Tarantella Serpentine
Ju-Ju Babies
Club Noir, London
30 August 2002
Ghost of Lemora
with Nosferatu
Underworld, London
February 9 2002
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