Jez and Steve's Housewarming Party
June 2002

photos by Jez (mouse-over the photos for who's who)
Allan (Faces of Sarah), Iaian (Descendants of Cain), Nick (Faces of Sarah) Bob (NFD) with Regal the cat Craig (Fos), Darryl (Fos), Iaian (DoC), Hosi Dan (Belisha), Alison, Byder (Belisha) Dan (Belisha), Emma Darryl (DoC), Dan (Belisha), Byder (Belisha)
Darryl (DoC), Isside (FoS) John Gothwin (Manager, DoC), Dan (Burning Gates) John Whitfield (Grave Records), Andy and Katrina (Rsurrection Records) Nick and Iside (FoS)

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