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" is one of the greatest, most organized, hard working e-magazines I've ever had the pleasure of being interviewed by. Editor Blu, is a wonderful person who is so nice I want to chop her up in tiny pieces and store her in zip loc baggies in my freezer to nibble on when I feel like snacking. Conversations with her frozen head would be comforting on those lonely winter nights." -Myke Hideous

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Dear Uncle, many thanks for the hit the nail on the head!
I think[?] you like it, but thanks anyway.

Tim Holmes
Death In Vegas

I was fumbling through my Bulletin board and saw a link for my CD...Gave it a click and found this article. I want to thank you for nailing it on the head and never once did you stray from the true meaning of the work. It was entertaining to read. Great choice of words. 

Well enough ranting. Thank you for you work!

Love From Above,
Mz Eva O

Hello, Uncle Nemesis
At first, thank you very much to your review for "I PSYDOLL" Sometimes I had the doubt in our band. Is it worth continuing ? All causes were solitary.Our sound is very violence but complex but melodious. Some Japanese bands has melody - But they has no noise. Some has aggressive electronic beat - But they has no melody..

I wish to express my gratitude to a god of sound for we were born to the generation of the Internet. We might have died of hunger on this small island without it. UK and US people and your review said to us that PSYDOLL is worth to go on. We have been always encouraged by overseas people. That's why we started to seek our label in UK. We will make the songs and play as long as the voice exists.


From Orbit Service:
Dear Uncle Nemesis,

I just wanted to thank you for the kind review you gave to my band Orbit Service. I loved the comparisons to early Floyd.
Thank You!
Randall Frazier

This from Rob Levit:
Hi Nemesis,
Thanks for the review of my CD Anatomy of Ecstasy. Truth be told, I could  sure use a good pint and a party right about now! In all honesty, I appreciate you taking the time to listen to the disc and write about it.

ROB :)

from New Days Delay:
Thanks for the review... and yes we're chronically out of date [the web site] *sigh*

from Owen Rankin, the wild-eyed cabaret crooner of Stazi:
Cheers for that dude, that's a top review.
I especially like the Fall/Giorgio Moroder mention..If we update the  website to incluide any I'll link to you and the site..


This from Maria out of Leisur::Hive
Hi ya Mister!

Cheers for ANOTHER lovely review! Dan and I always look forward to your ones, they make us feel all warm in the cockles :) We love the way you make things seem more grand then they really are, bless  you for that! We actually posted your rev on our forum recently for the devoted followers  to see :) You've made a smashing job of the photos too, you make us look like popstars! I think a place on the website is imperative.

Thanks again for all your support over the years, you remember how rubbish we used to be and you have seen is blossom into the wonky, angular butterflies we are!

Thanks Michael,
you're a real good'un and no mistake :)

This from Andrea of Living With Eating Disorders:
yay! thanks for that, I had no clue at all that it was there. I shall get it linked from forum and site.
see you soon I hope.
forever love andrea x

From Noblesse Oblige:
Dear Uncle N.,
Thank you for your great review and the lovely photos. We really appreciate it. Our debut single has come out last week.

Go out and buy it.

...I wanted to thank you for posting the Mephisto Walz review on Starvox.  I actually thought it was a great review because you are giving highly constructive criticism rather than just completely blowing off the music like most reviewers would do.  I totally appreciate you taking the time to give your honest opinion instead of bashing the music — there is too much of that going on these days.  If I were Mephisto Walz and read that review, I would take your thoughts into consideration because your review was quite helpful...
Keep up the great work!  Take care & talk to you soon.
- Mark 

About Uncle Nemesis' coverage of WGT 2003:
"Beyond stunning, actually. Blinding. Intoxicating. Or some adjective which represents being hit in the face with pepper spray, but not actually painful." - Greylock

From LadyNoir (San Diego) "Damn! In all the years I've been reading about Wave Gotik Treffen, that has to the single best review I've ever come across. I could practically feel the afternoon heat! Bravo."

From Mick Mercer, "The best STARVOX of the year is up at and only an arse would avoid it, because it has two miraculous items on offer... the star piece this month (and 2003 so far) is the best thing MICHAEL JOHNSON has ever done by a mile, yet it reads as a perfectly natural, easy narrative. Just over twelve thousand words in length, you must read his pieces which unfurls in praise of the recent WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN.

I’m not going to try and encapsulate what he recalls here from his happy jaunt, and that isn’t laziness on my part. You simply have to go and read it. He moves from the scene-setting to the bands, for he covers as much as it seems logically to do under such frantic circumstances, with so much choice available, but you’ll be amused by some of it (his encounters with the Neo-folk musicians and The 69 Eyes had me laughing out loud), but there’s also the highly serious matter of just how pathetic this event makes the UK scene look.

Trust me, even if you don’t trust yourself. You will love what he has done with this epic. You won’t read anything better in any music magazine this month, and it’s the best account I’ve ever read of a WGT, anywhere." 

About Matthew's story on Turn Pale:
"Matthew's Turn Pale piece is weirdly exciting. Writing enthiusiastically about a band you love can often come over wrong. This just makes you want more." - Mick Mercer

"You’ll either be fascinated by TURN PALE after MATTHEW HEILMAN’s latest tribute and want to investigate thoroughly, or you’ll be a lazy twat. He brings a rural gig encounter to life and makes some very weighty claims on behalf of the band, which I’m sure will motivate them, and hopefully drag some heart y attention their way too It is a fine piece, and nicely descriptive." - Mick Mercer

The infamous Greg Fasolino wrote about Turn Pale, "What a fucking AWESOME piece in this Starvox....I loved it and could not agree more, having just seen the band play a tiny shithole in Brooklyn 2 weeks ago. They blew me away, for all the reasons Matthew so nicely articulated. Michael was out of control---he hung himself from a beam with his mic cord and even crawled upside down on the beam like Jeff Goldblum in "the Fly."

On Uncle Nemesis' review on Frank the Baptist:
From Drew, "I was pleased about the review on Frank's stuff.. N using the "alternative rock" angle was kind of neat and unexpected :)  "

From Frank himself, "That was by far one of the coolest, most intelligent, reviews we have ever experienced. The references were amazing and the article was well written and articulate in a manner that'll keep folks from thinking we paid one of our drunk friends in malt liqour to write it :). If you don't have a shirt we need to get you one...
Thank you very much,

From Beyond the Veil organizers to Uncle Nemsis:
Hi there :)
thought I'd send this on to you and also add our thanks for the positive in-depth review you gave us glad you were able to attend !

We read that web- Starvox- I'm very glat to read it! it's very interesting! We are really thankful to him....Uncle Nemesis. And Beyond The Veil report is very nice. Please say thankyou to Uncle Nemesis!

More from PSYDOLL (Uncle N says it's his best fan-mail ever, appearing here unedited):
"Dear Uncle Nemesis,
My name is Nekoi, the Japanise band named PSYDOLL.

I has been reading your CDs review and Beyond The Veil Festival. I can't to read a lot of english text so fast, but I have read and translate them for the member of PSYDOLL. At first, I want to say thankyou very much 100 times to you, Nemesis.

Your CD reviews and Beyond The Veil report are very interesting! sometimes we were smiled and sometimes it is made to think deeply. That was great experience for us,and I made up my mind that we (PSYDOLL) need to face to the goth scine and industrial scine in overseas....not only Japan.

To sad,we have no friends (bands) who have a band which looks like PSYDOLL. So in Japan,we are alone.....It seems just as a detached island.... And that is the TURE mean why we became to DIY band!! We couldn't to find our 
record company. But at BTV, people who interested in goth,looks enjoied our sound! We were very happy to felt that. Is that reason just we are overseas band? I don't hope so...

So I need learn more and more about UK goth scine and English. and We hope to find our booking organizer and record company. But too sad to we can only check the internet web site. (some webs looks good, but in fact....? we NEVER know!)I read your web site. We were very sorry about you stopped your booking organizer works. If you still go on, I will beg you our UK tour!! .....It's sooo sorry.Uncle Nemesis,you are in UK and you know everything around the scine. and you have the experience. ]

And,this is most know PSYDOLL. So,if you spend a little time to let us know *nice,important* hint of our promotion, we are very very glad.

Thank you.
PS/I like StarVox's this part:
What we do NOT cover: mainstream anything, EBM, electro-dance, trance, techno, rap, hip hop, alternarock, brit pop, mainstrem metal, hardcore, etc. ........................ YES SO DO WE !!

sorry to LONG and BLOKEN english....

from Ben of Earth Loop Recall:
"hi there uncle nem-
thanks for the great review you gave us in starvox (earth loop recall at club noir)- i'm glad that someone finally has understood what the fuck we're doing..."

"dear uncle nemesis,
you are a fucking mint photographer....
shaz"  - Dead Beat Radicals

To Uncle Nemesis from Conspiracy:
"Thanks for taking the time to review our new single 'Electric Bitch'. Electric cream cheese - close ;)  Live I do in fact sing the title electric bitch at that point...."

from Jyri of The Sins on their story:
...the Zine is beautiful!   WooHoo! thank you, thank you!  You rock!  You made us sound like demi-gods!  :)~
Now, I too am going to go watch kind of lost the first time around with the kids climbing up the walls!  Ah...peace and quiet...and a bottle of Merlot!  Yummmy!
Thanx Again, Blu!

from Mercurine:
"Thank you so much for the great review! I'm glad you liked the demo. As it turns out, this couldn't have come at a better time for us, as we just got our full length CDs and we're starting to push for distribution.
~ Mera"

"Thanx, Blu. You are so kool for doing what you do. I totally appreciate the way that you try to support us all. It will never be forgotten." - Patrick Mata, Kommunity FK

From Jyri of the Sins on Basim's lengthy review:
"I felt it was a very accurate review and the guy was VERY observant!  At first, when I start reading it, I thought "oh, great this guy is going to point out each missing drum beat..." but then as I read further on, he was very honest and I respect that!  I thought it was interesting how he could hear how the drums and bass didn't always "work together" because Dexter and Kris weren't even speaking to each other by the time we made this album!  It was a very sore situation!  I'm still amazed though that your writers caught this...cause nobody else has!  I am really looking forward to the next Sins album as the five of us work so well together and the music has really matured over this first release....well sort of!  lol! :)"

From Furia Musica (Variete):
"Yeh, better late than never, as say the old Polish proverb. I was waiting for the review quite a long time, anyway, it was, and is wonderful. Thanx a lot -- you appreciate the music of Variete. A few things: Variete is still going today (about 20 years) and on Saturday I'm going to see their concert. They recorded 4 albums ("Bydgoszcz" is chronologically 1st but published last). I sent all info with CD and only can add that sound flaws a few times, cause CD is mastered directly from the only available (second copy) tape. Original master tape was stolen in 1986 together with a  band's car, and it was reason for 16 years delay.  There were a lot of gothic bands in the 80's in Poland (we were calling this kind of music "cold wave"). The main names: Siekiera (now, after I sent him a copy, one of favourite old bands of Ghoul from, Made in Poland, 1984, One Million Bulgarians, Madame. I would like to send CD's for review in Starvox regulary wishes and thanx for review (btw -I'm longtime professional  music journalist but actually I only write for my own small zine called 

From Trespassers William:
Thanks so much for the flattering review! One of the most detailed and  accurate descriptions of our music...

From Loana @ Century Media (re: Poisonblack review)
Thanks for the HONEST review of Poisonblack.  We'll try harder next time ;)

From Fossil Dungeon:
Greetings and thanks for notifying us about the review(s).  I was also pleased to see Mick's reviews for our Hexentanz and Dark Muse releases. Your support is most appreciated and it is an honor to have Butterfly Messiah as your "Pick of the Month."

Myke Hideous comments on the new issue while persuing Mick's review of his book [to which he said, "WOW!"]:
" The mag looks pretty cool this month. Nice stuff. Synthetic looks pretty wild. what do they sound like? And The Nekromantics... I met them in NJ about three years ago. That stand up coffin bass- the bass player made that himself. they're a great band.  Mag looks great. I have to go back a read a few more things..."

From the band Entertainme.nt in Atlanta, 
"... let you know what a GREAT resource Starvox is (thank GOD it's around)..."

From Natasha (Meltdown Editor)...
"I've had one DJ (Nik Ransom) and the vocalist for Ghost of Lemora both recently say how inspired they were by the Deathrock piece you wrote for us last year. Nik, as you will have seen on upg, has now gone on to open his own Deathrock club and Ghost of Lemora have now woven Deathrock style in with a new track."

Comments on the Bella Morte Feature article:
"Wow, that is a good story featured on BM. Infact, I was so caught up in it that I forgot I was still linked to the Message Board... CrashKok303"

"that was a kick ass feature...i like how they don't do the straightforward 
interview style.  hope things are going well with the drum auditions too...we'll be patient. 

"That was one of the most touching articles I have ever read. It captured what I like about you guys, and I also learned things that made me respect you even more. 
I especially liked the line: 'This was more than a band -- it was a family.' I know that was a comment about your interpersonal relations with each other, but to me and Paul (and I wager most people who post at this BBS and know you personally), Bella Morte IS more than just a are family to us. 
Derek "

"The new STARVOX is up - with Blu’s Bella Morte feature as star feature. It works very well, bringing you a swift, vivid history and then getting to grips with their aspirations. Cool guys, cute pics. With their personality bona fides well established you’ll be left positive longing for more awareness of their work. ~ Mick Mercer"

"Hey Miss Blu!  That's really cool that Mick Mercer took an interest!!! Thanks again SO much! :)  Yeah, everyone I've directed to the article has talked about how great it is!  And personally I must say that it's one of VERY few that actually capture the band's personality and the different aspects that make us who we are....  We owe you one!

"I just read your article about Bella Morte. That was one of the most touching articles I have ever read. I met The Boyz in 2001 when I helped get them booked for DragonCon, and we got along great, but in recent months they have become like kinfolk to me. Great article, no doubt. I will support Gopal, Andy, Tony, and I guess now Micah until the end of time.

Three reactions to Anthony's review of the Denver Dark Arts Compliation:
"Anthony, love the review! thanks for forwarding it over. 
thanks again.
PROJECT 12:01"

"Hello. Ryan from Pure Drama here. I just read the review of our track 'The Time You've Spent' you just recently did for the Denver Dark Arts Compilation CD and I must say thank you so very much for the kind words! To give you a brief background, last year we did a tribute track to Marilyn Manson for Cleopatra Records. It was "The Time You Spent" that landed us the deal and the style of the song was fairly similar. Anyway, I'd love to hear back from you, and wish ya all the best. Thanks again for such a great review!
Ryan Policky

I just received the review of the Denver Dark Arts Festival CD.  First of all, THANK YOU!  Like you mentioned in your review, this festival is put on by a non-profit and all the work done on it is purely volunteer, so we appreciate all the support we can get.
Thanks again!
Dave Goff"

Pro Jekt writes in response to Uncle Nemesis' concert revew:
"... just logged on to your site and read the review ..its a great write that took some writing up..!! seems he didnt like us , or the thought of us, until he saw us and heard us live ...thats really cool..we are chuffed !
hope that you will like our album too..!
 thanks again 
kev "

To Mick Mercer RE: Butterfly Messiah,  "It's Time"
"As a huge fan of the band, I'd like to thank you personally for the review you wrote...
-ronny mccutcheon,  Butterfly's #1 fan" 

StarVox reader Nina writes:
"I think it is one of the best done (And most informative) sites for the dark genre on the entire Internet! "

Two comments on Uncle Nemesis' review of Rachael's Surrender at Saturnalia:
"This is Michael Verzani, the bassist for Rachael's Surrender. I wanted to thank you for the great (and thorough!) Saturnalia review you wrote for Starvox.

Our new singer is Elysabeth Grant, who you may be familiar with from her work with Black Tape for a Blue Girl. She actually used to play viola for Rachael's Surrender before she joined BTfaBG, and rejoined us as a singer last July. Saturnalia was her third show as our singer. Our other new member is the drummer, Dan Thomas. Saturnalia was his debut with us.

Thanks for the great review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to going to the UK again soon...

"Hey there. I saw your Rachael's Surrender review. Thanks!!!!!!I am the vocalist.  Please tell Matthew I said hello.
xoxo Elysabeth"

To Uncle Nemesis from Waterglass:
"Thanks so much for the gig review, the photo's and the top ten listing.What can I say, it's great to know that someone out there does understand what we're trying to do. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the 'Unhinged' set. I couldn't have described what we were trying to communicate better than you did in the review! We're also wishing we had recorded the set in some ways, we thought it would be special, and there's something to be said for just doing something once and not keeping any record, other than photo's. But a bit of me wishes we'd recorded it. We might do something similar but........!

Thanks for your unshaking support, reading reviews like yours makes it all worth while and certainly gives us the impetus to keep going regardless...
Best wishes
Andrew/For Waterglass"

From John Gothwin, manager of the Descendants Of Cain:
Ta for that! Saw all the stuff earlier... Still trying to work out if Mick liked the CD or not !

To Mike V from The Machine In The Garden:
"Wow! What an incredible review - well written, descriptive, and insightful. I rarely see someone describe our music so well, and understand so much of what I am singing about. This album was deeply personal to me. You seem to grasp that, relate to, and empathize with that, all without trivializing my emotions.

The support you provide us, and all the other artists you watch over, never ceases to amaze.
Thank you.

From Larry Gaab to Mike V:
"Dear Mike,
Thank you so much for reviewing one of my CD's, Peripheral Visions, recently in Starvox Mag. You have touched the music more than I can tell you.  Your insights about the musical meanings of the pieces was remarkable.  As a composer that is one of the greatest rewards of course.
...thanks again.  sincerely
yours,  Larry Gaab"

To Uncle Nemesis from Leisur Hive:
"Maria from Leisur Hive here. Dan and I would like to thank you for your constant support of us over the years; the wonderful reviews of our live and recorded performances, coming to see us etc. To be honest I cannot thank you enough, times have been a little hard for the Leisur Hive camp in the last year or so and your, well written and  I must say , PERCEPTIVE, write ups have kept our spirits high and given us more will to go on!!  You really seem to know what we are about, and even though you say we 'come from another planet', you Michael, are certainly on our wavelength!!!!!! Please continue to let the Leisur Hive flag flapping (er..does that sound rude?) And I, Maria and that Danny too, wish you a Very Happy Christmas and a  Happy, Successful and fufilling New Year, have fun Michael and hope to see you at our gig in Feb 2003!!!
Hugs and thanks again,
Maria Vellanz
(Leisur Hive)"

StarVox Editor Blu contributed an article on Voltaire to Projekt Record's first print magazine beneath the icy floe

To Uncle Nemesis from Kiss The Frog:
"thanks for the links and the neato review... i'll have our webmaster put links to your review asap.

To Uncle Nemesis from Season's End: 
"Thanks for the review (and photo's) of our Whitby performance. It is an excellent piece and firmly hits several nails squarely on their respective heads. From my own personal point of view (as the person who had to console the band post voting - and has since spoken with David Gulvin from Ordinary Psycho who shares a similar view) the battle of the bands is a bad thing and should be dropped from the WGW....Over the past three years we have played to a variety of different crowds, supporting, and with support from, bands of every persuasion you can imagine with equally mixed receptions. The best crowd reaction has always been from Goth's. We not have consciously chosen to concentrate on that audience - they have effectively chosen us and I hope they will continue to.
best regards"

To Uncle Nemesis from This Ascension:
"sorry for the long overdue reply... thank you so much for this review!!! it was very complimentary, and also  well written, i really enjoyed it. it was also great to see those pics, they were awesome! better than any we had...thanks again!
yours, dru )"

From Myke Hideous (The Empire Hideous) on the StarVox sponsored West Coast Tour  (Oct 02):
"KM- You are doing a mini tour of California at the end of this month. How did this come about? Can you give us a run down of the details of it?

MH: Not too much to say really. I did an interview in Jan of this year, with an on-line magazine called and when I was done, the writer Blu, was so supportive that she said she wanted to get Hideous out there to do a West Coast tour. And here we are. My thanX goes out to Blu. She’s unbelievably hard working and keeps her word. I respect that kind of trait in people. I wish she was my manager. You have no idea how much she’s done for me." - from an interview in Albion/Batcave

To Uncle Nemesis from Dan of Leisur Hive:
"I read the review on Starvox the other day... many many thanks! It's very rewarding to read a review which seems to connect with what we're "about" (rather than someone going on about what kind of trousers we're wearing!!)...So, again, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I must remember to email Kiss The Frog to say hi; they were a nicebunch of people (Forcis, on the other hand were most impolite! today, I don't know!)"

StarVox was thanked in Bella Morte's new release The Quiet:

To Uncle Nemesis from the DC Molina Camp:
"This is Suzie (Matthew DCMolina's wife!) - DC Molina email is delivered to my account. I just read the DC Molina@The Garage review to Matthew over phone, which certainly perked up his morning - thank you! The boys have just put together an album which covers their most recent material, and will soon be recording again."

To Uncle Nemesis from Hungry Lucy.....
"Thanx for the review.  I think you totally nailed our thoughts on the Square Matrix remixes ... not that they're bad ... just not terribly representative of Hungry Lucy.
warm regards and thanx again,
Hungry Lucy"

A reader's email on the Chameleons Feature:
"i just got done reading the "why are the chameleons goth?" article and i just have to say thank you for putting it together. i just feel SO passionately about that band (well, they are my favorite) and it's just so nice to read those encouraging affirming words about them. being a fanatic in the middle of nowhere gets kind of lonely.

i flew from detroit to manchester in may of 2000 when they reformed and played those first few witchwood gigs. let me tell you, it was like the biggest family reunion you'd ever been to. everyone loved one another. everyone sang along. everyone cried. it was a perfect moment.

well, thanks again. have fun at the shows. i'll be seeing them in chicago.
take care, 

Belisha thanks Blu, StarVox, Jez and Mike V in their newest CD People of the Dark:

From a reader: 
"Thank you again for doing what you do. I think your online music 'zine is superb. I look forward to every issue. Keep doing a great job. Thanks!
Dallas, Texas"

From a reader in Prague:
"Hello! I am Amber writing from Prague. Your article for Pagan Love Songs & tthe deathrock/batcave scene in Germany is great. Somehow I find it very funny to see all my friends here displayed on an American gothic internet zine lol....

Mick Mercer named StarVox editor Blu in an interview
RealmGothica:  ... If you could crown someone King and Queen of Goth, from your point of view who would they be? 
Mick Mercer:  Again, I wouldn't dare. Egos are brittle things, and people get offended. Maybe Blu and Forrest Black? I couldn't logically suggest anyone in the UK because the scene is so tiny, but in America, well there are a few choices aren't there, just as there are in Germany. Honestly, it wouldn't matter who I chose, apart from me in the court jester role, because people have their own opinions. If you held a poll in this country Jo Hampshire would be Queen and maybe Michael Johnson the King, but Internationally? I have no real idea, as I haven't thought about it. 

From Krissy, a StarVox reader:
"Good review too..btw..your CS reviews always give me chills to read!! "

From Funhouse on being a "cover model":
"Mike here from Funhouse. Great page hehehehehehe I really hope we met one day.

Suture Seven thanked "Matthew and Anthony @ StarVox" on their latest CD a stitch to mark the wound.

To Blu from Dez in Ghoultown:
"Hey , it's Dez from Ghoultown. Great review! thanks again for everything. The tour is over and we are all still alive thanks to great people like you! I'm am looking forward to seeing you during our next haunt to Cali!!-Dez"

From STARCRY to Mick Mercy on his review of their CD in our August issue:
“Dearest Mick
Was I flattered reading your review!! I almost couldn't believe it! I even ran straight to my mom and dad, and showed them what a successful citizen they had produced raising me! They have ever since decided they can rest in peace at last so they turned off the TV set and everyone lived happily everafter.

In the same possible universe, everyone has understood the joke about Nosferatu the Vampyre being the highest ideal of the gothic subculture and how hilarious our dreamworlds make us look when we are faced with our down-to-earth social behaviour. People have finally woken up to realise we have been living in the Dark Ages since the French Revolution and we have all joined hands to revive the Golden Age of Perikles' Athens (4th century BC). And so the world has changed forever and Starcry have been recorded in History for their influence on universal matters and everyone forgot the Beatles...

In another possible universe I, the latest model of decline, came home to the cockroach studio last night, in the centre of a city formerly known as Athenae, capitol city of a country formerly known as Hellas, occasionally inhabited by Greeks (Turkish paraphrase of Gregori=fast, name attributed mythologically to a race that walked the earth long ago, known elsewhere as the Nephilim), mainly inhabited nowadays by refugees from countries from the former Eastern Block, and "prezonia" (from "preza"=messed up heroine) Greeks who refuse to go home at the state they are in, and would rather haunt the streets until they drop dead from natural causes.

I have spent my August working at a "rooms to let" establishment for overaged and otherwise disabled people - wonderful experience - I am now feeling so much maturer and wiser and can't move my back without practising my distorted vocals at the same time... At least I can afford to pay off a couple of phone and electricity bills if I can make it to the nearest post-office. And I checked my e-mail box for the first time in a month and got your message...

What I mean to say, is Thank You So Very Much for your review, for it gave me great consolation to know that although confronted by the lack of particular basic things a human being needs to hang on to, to survive, I can still manage to come up with something definitely very good.

I know, not great, but having read a few of your opinions, I have come to respect you as the teacher of the Goth module in the 21st century school of Western culture, and your words reflected so well what I was thinking about "ideal husband", that I was sincerely astonished. The bit about the relevence of 'Messiah' and Fading Colors has confused me utterly, though. Forgive me for my ignorance, oh great master, but if Fading Colours is the "Black Horse" etc. band from Poland (I believe), how do you mean Messiah reminds you of them, and if it isn't, then what is Fading Colors? Well, I would love to have a clue as to how you mean "let go" too, but being Greek I may not be able to comprehend it anyway.

I feel obliged to apologise to you too at this point, for you haven't only bared to listen to "ideal husband" and review it in a surprising tender manner you usually do not use (Starvox is one of the best sites I have ever seen on the web - congratulations!), you have also bared to read this delirious frenzy of mine. I love you Mick Mercer. And the other Nick and Zoe love you from now on too.

“Oops I'm Britney again! I'm so happy! We are soon going to have a sort of site uploaded - we just haven't sorted out copyright control for the images yet. Cheers!


StarVox Editor Blu contributed an article on Deathrock to Meltdown Magazine issue #10

From Travis, Salome's Wish
"BTW I would like to give you my own personal Kick Ass Award. Hell the crowd was thunderous when Andy from Bella Morte gave StarVox a shout out and plugged the comp disc at the show last month."

From All About Eve:
"What a lovely and thoughtful and knowledgeable review! Can't thank you enough. I've e-mailed it on to Andy and Tim and am sure they would agree. I am so glad you enjoyed it so much. Many, MANY thanks again....
Thanks Matthew!

From Justin of Passion Play:
"Thanks once again for your support, Blu - hope to hear from you again soon. In the meantime, I wish you continued success with Starvox - you've really got a class act going there... and I'm delighted to see you putting Uncle Nem's 'retirement' (from promoting) to very good use !"

From June's Contest winner:
great site and glad to know you guys support fans :)

To Jez from Breather:
"awe, thank you so much for letting us know!! you guys kick ass!
  stitched with a kiss

To Matthew from Elysabeth (Black Tape For  A Blue Girl):
"Dear Matthew,
Hey there. I just read your Projektfest review. What a fun weekend, wasn't it?! It was nice meeting you.Thanks for the lovely words. You totally made my day. Take care.  xo Elysabeth"

From DJ Grendel:
"Anyway, thanks again for the support and the new music - you're a pillar in this scene, Blu, and I'm grateful that you're around."

To Dibrom from Hollydrift:
"I want to thank you for the VERY insightful review of my CD In These Days Of Merriment. Your thoughts about the title and front cover photo are veryinteresting. Yes, Hollydrift should be seen as a 'total thing' and you've done that! Anyway, thanks again! I'll be sure to send more your way.
~Mathias Anderson"

From a StarVox reader:
"great site from a newbie to the goth music scene

The Machine In The Garden thanked Mike V, StarVox and DJ Xian on their CD Asphodel.

From Rik - Mara's Torment to Uncle Nemesis:
"Thanks so much for mentioning me in your wonderful review of Convergence 8. Your comment was most amusing, and if you're okay with it, I'd love to be  able to add it to my website as it totally encapsulates the live Mara's  Torment experience. C8 was a truly awesome weekend and I very much enjoyed being able to relive  it through your write up. Thanks very much for bringing back that  Convergence glow..."

This from Valerie - some reader-reaction on the C8 story:
"...your writing just gets better and better - and its soooooo enjoyable."

to Uncle Nemesis from Romek of Spiky Black Cat, The Faces Of Sarah's label about the Gotham review:
"Cheers for such an honest review of Gotham. Nice to see you as a punter for  a change!!!"

From Daniel of Terminal Bliss to Jez:
"Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I particularly appreciated that part of your review where you commented on the lyrical content <and theme of the CD> It was nice to read a review from someone who 'got it'. I really appreciate the reviews in Starvox which actually delve more into the content of the music than most other magazines and websites that often just deal with the surface of how something sounds like, and not the overall emotional or intellectual context of the album. Thanks again for the good review! I hope life is treating you well."

More from Terminal Bliss to Matthew:
"Thank you! It is great, and wonderful to actually see someone who has some mastery over the english language. You wouldn't believe some of the bad grammar, run on sentences, or just lofty words thrown in to make the reviewer appear more intellectual that have nothing to do with the music that I've seen."

From Julianne Regan (All About Eve):
"Jez, thanks again for a fantastic article on Starvox. I've become quite a regular reader of it now. (Starvox, not the article. That would just be TOO vain!)."

To Uncle Nemesis from Bella Morte:
"Thank you for the heads up, and the kind words! It was a very well-written review, with a definite UK spin, and I really enjoyed reading it. Hopefully, we'll be able to make our way to Europe soon!
-James, Bella Morte"

From the C8 Organizers:
"Just wanted to drop you one last line to thank you and the rest of the staff at Starvox for all the support you have given to Convergence VIII.  Hope to see you at a future C*. (I've been re-bitten by the Convergence bug.) ;->

To Mike V from Informatik:
"thanks a bunch for the review, glad you liked the album!!
cool site too!
- tyler / informatik"

From Bret (Audra):
"Thank you so very much for the fabulous review of our new album!!!!!!!!!  It's wonderful!!!! 

From a reader to Matthew about his Projektfest article:
"Great review on Projektfest!  I couldn't be there but I felt like I was just by reading your article...

From the Alice Cooper camp on Sonya's review of his tribute album:
 "Re: Alice E-Mail 
oh, that's great.  we just checked it out. thanks!  We'll forward a copy to alice. 
too bad we don't seem to make it up to WA too  often...sorry!
take care!  "

From Sam (Projekt Records) on the Audra review:
"...That's an amazing review. It sounds like you're hearing what I love about audra's music...
Sam Rosenthal"

From the creators of Little Evil Things:
"Hi Edwin:
Thanks so much for your kind words and wonderful review.  We will add it to our press kit.  We couldn't agree more with your point that some movies have taken the thrill out of horror.  That was the whole point to doing the Little Evil Things series - what we imagine in our minds is ten times worse than what a latex monster or CGI can do.  Thanks again.
Best wishes,
Tracy London"

From Passion Play to Matthew:
Thanks for the album review - some interesting points... I've been very impressed with Starvox since I first saw it - thanks for the coverage and keep up the good work !
Kind Regards,

From The Shadow Cabinet:
"We just got back from GothCon 2002 in New Orleans and had a blast.  It was a  very long, 4,200 miles round trip, but well worth it in the end in large part to your previous review of our band The Shadow Cabinet. A good number of people mentioned how they read your article on us and made it a point to see us based on the review. Thank you, thank you, thank you..for helping us make GothCon a great experience...
.the check is in the mail..;-)
Best regards,
Orlando on behalf of The Shadow Cabinet."

Sumerland uses a quote from StarVox as its focal point for its webpage on their CD SIVO. See it here.

From Cinema Strange:
"Hello, again, honey-lamb!  If I had sacrificed my soul to Old Nick an' skipped down to N'Awlins with a scarred-up nickel in my pocket an' a beat-up six-string ovuh muh shoulduh I couldn't, I say, couldn't have found a more incredibly generous review of 'The Astonished Eyes...'.  And I thank you for it."

From a reader on the All Aboue Eve yahoo group in regards to Jezebel's interview:
"Excellent. Nice to see an interview from someone (other than the I&SS folks) who doesn't harp on the old Eves, doesn't have preconceived ideas and actually has some good questions... and some jolly nice pics of the lady. Gotta love those leggings (or whatever they are)!! Woohoo! ;)

Comments on Uncle Nemesis's Whitby Feature:
"My God Unx, the feature is fab. It must have taken you ages.""
"Its a Damn good piece of work ... mr J."
"... it is an excellent, well written piece, entertaining throughout in a lively fashion, accompanied by some fantastic photos."- Micke Mercer

From Devour Ensemble:
"Thanks for the review. It was a good read. You obviously listened with a critical ear for production and songwriting, which is
excellent for us (we love it when people say only glowing things about D.E.,  of course, but we ultimately benefit a lot more when we get a few hints about what we could be doing better)."

Posted to the StarVox list about our April issue:
"A friend of mine, Matt (DJ Imperium) writes for your magazine.He can attest to my being a Rozz fiend.I truly enjoyed the tribute to him.I believe it was a great thing to honor a major contributor to the beginning of the goth movement.The rest of the issue is great as well.Keep up the great work.
                      aka John"

Otto of Destination Venus writes:
Jett Black sent me a link to your Starvox GothCon article, so I checked it out. I was unable to attend, but it felt like I almost made it out thanks to your "personal journal" writing style. I liked how you chose to write in a "first we did this, ran into these people, then we did that" kind of way as opposed the impersonal "newspaper reporter" way. As you may have guessed, I am no writer, hence my fumbling writing style descriptions. :) Anyway, thanks for writing a great article! I thought details like the "my swollen feet scream out for sanctuary" bit really added a lot to helping the reader experince the event. Cool! "

Nice words from Rob (Secret-Secret):
"Hi Sonya,
It's a very nice article and it brought back good memories just reading it. I had a very good time of it and it seems that you did as well."

From New Days Delay:
"hi there!
thank you for your sweet review! i need to tell the other guys :)
i'll let you know if we have new stuff

From Byder of Belisha:
"...The Zine is excellent.....My computer is the most outdated, rubbish, slow, moribund machine around but I still make sure that I read it all every month." 

Darrin from Psyche:
"Hi guys,
Like your magazine. Very informed you are too!"

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Season of Mouring thanked StarVox on their CD Fall ...

From C8 organizer Siobhan:
"Re: Captain Matt's Armada interview.
You guys are my heros. :-)

Manuskript says:
"....Really impressive site by the way - long may it continue...
Take care
All the best
Mike Manuskript x"

From the director of Liberata Me... Pearry Teo in regards to Sonya's GothCon write up:
"Dear Sonya,
I think the write up for Liberata Me is great! I thought you were just gonna put in a line or two about Liberata Me but a whole paragraph with such flattering comments about the movie has not only made my day, it has made my week!"

From Lee of Frost:
"I just wanted to thank you. Dexter sent me a link to your review of "The Rage of Tears" and, I must say, that I was delighted by the fact that you enjoyed it as much as you did. Frost was an interesting project and not everyone understood what we were trying to accomplish, I have to say, I think that you understand completely.  I'd also like to thank you for your flattering words about me. It's always nice to be recognized for the effort that is put into a project...
Keep up the dark work

From Cesium 137:
"Hello Catherinna - Someone sent me this and after reading I was blown away. I sent it to the guys  involved and they were like, 'Wow, she knows us better than we know ourselves.' They were very impressed. Thanks you for the COMPLETE review of the disc. I was starting to wonder if anyone ACTUALLY listened to it. We have more to follow so stay tuned.

StarVox has a permanent link on for our Voltaire Interview. 

Jessica from Breather writes:
"'ve always loved what you're doing with your site, and it's one of the best I've seen, so it's been an honour being featured on it."

From a fellow promoter and reader:
"I've just been re-reading you review of Dream Disciples' Asphyxia again (I include a link to it whenever I am plugging the band) and I was compelled to write and tell you what an amazing review I thought it was. Without intending to sound obsequious, I was very impressed by your deconstruction of the material on the album, and also rather pleasantly suprised by the similar emotions that it seemed to engender in us both.... ~Mel"

StarVox was thanked in Salome's Wish's EP Black Days

Good Email from Salome's Wish to Edwin:
"Thanks for the review, I was reading it today and I caught the line about where the band is going in the future. Well next friday Salome's Wish will open for Daniel Ash. I cannot say thanks enough as people like you are a big part of making this band grow!!!

From Synthetic on Uncle Nemesis' concert review:
"Thanks for the gig review - much appreciated :) Glad you enjoyed our rock'n'roll shenanigans! We will spread the word about Starvox....
Take care,
Tim & Sarn (& Paul!)

And this from Valerie, who took some of the photos at the Synthetic show:
"I was totally thrilled that you are doing the StarVox thing; all I can say is about time too! Your writing is so good it deserves to be somewhere less ephemeral than email! "

From This Vale of Tears:
"Subject: E-mail from
THANX for your review... never had such 'long' review ;-) some points taken... some not...hehehe
kind regards,

From Regenerator:
"Hi Michael,
Thanx for taking so much time to make a thorough review of our album. It is indeed very detailed, which we appreciate..."

From Matt Green of Spahn Ranch
"Thanks for the review. It was nice to see a review from someone who actually listened to the music as opposed to hearing it."

From Enslaved on Eric's CD review:
"ThanX! I'm lost for words! I have a sneaking suspicion you got our point with this album! Unnerving and very good to read! 
 .) ivar & enslaved"

From Acid Ice Flows
"Thanks for the honest review....From your review it sounds like musically I'm headed in the right direction at least. Thanks for not trying to gloss over what you feel are weaknesses, it gives me insight on what needs improvment.

Roi of Mechanical Cabaret writes about Uncle Nemesis' concert review:
"Oi Oi cock!
Well 'Ta very much' Mr Johnson. Jolly good review you wrote there, I enjoyed it immensely. Glad you refered to the fact that I 'do' all the music too, not that many people work that one out. I do understand that it does indeed look like Tobi does fuck-all(!)... actually what he does is program sounds on the fly on the two synths in front of him and fire them off hap-hazardly throughout the songs....We are working on improving the 'stuff going on live' aspect, incorporating a new peice of equipment, which will be loads better, but only when we have worked it all out, you know... A while back, we had an offer to have a stripper performing with us!!... I thought that may just possibly detract from what I'm doing though( and distract me, too!) so the element of saucyness had to be provided by Bruce, our Slideshow person, who does a very fine job.
Well, take care, old chap. Nice to hear from you again!
Roi" more !
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