Trinity Reviews
"This CD is American Goth Rock at it's best!" - Dusk Records

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Distributed In the UK via Darkcell Digital Music Via Prosonic U.K.

Trinity Volume 1 is the first compilation in a series of albums to be released featuring the artists on Darkcell Digital Music / Hidden Sanctuary and Starvox Magazine.  The box set is limited to just 100 copies and they feature all three albums (39 tracks) from StarVox, Hidden Sanctuary and Darkcell Digital Music in a deluxe black gloss box with a beautiful foil embossed lid designed by Blu from StarVox. Single CDs are also available.

StarVox Tracks:
*NFD (featuring members of Fields of the Nephilim and Sensorium)
*The Brides (featuring members of The Brickbats)
*Murder at the Registry (first new track in 2 years!)
Dead As Romance 
**The Empire Hideous 
**The Naked and the Dead
*Bella Morte 
*The Sins 
The Deep Eynde 

* = previously UNRELEASED
** = re-release of a currently unavailable track

From Meltdown Magazine, Issue #12

Trinity Vol.1 Ė Starvox
(Darkcell Digital)
genre: Deathrock
This is a pleasant rarity, a compilation that doesn't at any point make me want to skip tracks! This volume of Trinity has a definite deathrock feel to it,  and kicks off  at breakneck pace with NFD's Darkness Falls Ė thundering goth-rock with a touch of Nephilim to its sound. Things slow down a little after that, but they don't get any less interesting Ė Belisha and Eternia complete the British contribution, while the American contributions range all the way from Bella Morte's energetic goth-rock theme Living Dead to Ghoultown's larger-than-life spaghetti Western Ten Seconds To Blood, then drift off towards Nick Cave territory with Myssouri's Open Road, finishing in weirder places with The Brides and their witty Dial M. Unless you've been actively searching out good new US goth, you're unlikely to own much of this already, and it's quality from startto finish. Recommended.  ~James White

From Mick Mercer

TRINITY, Volume1 (Starvox)
Darkcell Digital Music

Oh yes. You wouldnít really expect anything other than quality considering who is behind this, and you will be pleasantly punched repeatedly by superb tracks once you have it. It isnít all fantastic, but thereís a bright array of stirring encounters to be faced.

NFD are gruff with maggoty vocals and I canít believe the chittering guitar wasnít boosted more because they have a real star in their midst and this could have been verging on classic. Dead As Romance are smokily fey, and a touch old-fashioned, while the genuinely old school The Naked And The Dead haunt their classroom happily, and brusquely. Meticulously twilight deviance from The Empire Hideous is almost soothing, as though they were deviant nephews of Wreckage, and thereís spirited nonsense from Murder At The Registry, and deceptive, quality turmoil from The Sins. We also get two very beautiful tracks, with Eternia at their liveliest, and Myssouri offering highly adventurous lessons in stealth

I would be dishonest if I didnít highlight a few of the weaker tracks. The Deep Eynde appear in fine fettle, but simply donít sound that cool in this company, sadly, but it falls to Bella Morte to have the weakest track of all, where the pace and agile guitar rescue it, as the vocalist simply doesnít project forcefully enough. Compare them to Belisha - they are from similar territory - and you see the same thing. Belisha have a real grand strut, and pure terrorist guitar, but theyíre missing a vocal dictator on the punchy chorus. Him and Mr Bella Morte need some cardio-vascular work which benefits the lungs enormously. It will allow them to keep up and move ahead rather than being submerged inside the noise. If you canít project, you canít compete.

You might think that with Ghoultown weíve reached the dead wood stage - stop it, Iím killing me! - but no, for while this is seriously lightweight, in that the actual strength of the song struggles to come through, there is a wayward charm about them which is distinctive, just as The Brides carry us, kicking and screaming for freedom, over the threshold in their typically, obscenely catchy manner; destination Frivolity. It is a perfect end.

The feeling which comes out of this record, regardless of the minor weaknesses, is character, which is what every band needs, and what most simply donít have. This bunch all possess that elusive characteristic, and youíll surely follow these artists with glee.

A fine record.

Dusk Records News (27/10/02)
Trinity is now available in New Zealand via Dusk Records. To order click here.

This is what the folks at Dusk Records said about the Trinity Box Set:

These compilations have quality stamped all over them and are an easy way for the seasoned or novice Dark End music fan to feel in touch with what is happening out there in the international markets.

The most remarkable fact about these compilations is that they are so different from one another and the balance between newer up and coming acts and the older more established acts is perfect and thus for this fact alone value for money assured!

For example, The Darkcell Digital Music Volume features the type of sound that is peeled straight off the floor of the Electric Ballroom in London it has the perfect fusion of all elements dark with dancefloor & ecstacy fuelled beats.

The magnificent Dream Disciples track "Room 57" off their latest studio offering "Asphyxia" is worth the price of entry alone it's no wonder they are touted as one of Britain's hardest working and well respected bands as they have a punishing live schedule which includes the likes of the famous Whitby and Euro Rock festivals.

While one of the other more Goth Rock type acts on this CD London 86 who ironically come from Germany. Their contribution "Never Tried" made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with their beautiful Joy Divison/Cure inspired bass lines but once again the sound is fused with fantastic dance floor beats - stunning!

Getting into more industrial type territory Indigae and their track "Aluminum Foil" is Bill Washburn from the US and is described as "music to invade Poland by." With influences like Nitzer Eb and Ministry one can't help but agree!

The only possible response follow to such a track is US legends Spahn Ranch (Cleopatra) and their brilliant track "Destruction".

The fact is that there is so much good stuff on this CD I could go on all day I strongly suggest you get yourself a copy of this compilation, Col stand up and take a bow!

If that doesn't convince you than consider the fact that there are two more compilations on offer here. One by all round great guy Mike Ventarola (US based Hidden Sanctuary Radio/NMA fame/Promotor).

No introductions are needed here as the Wayne Hussey produced Gossamer, the magical pulverising beats of The Azoic, the fantastic Goth Rock of Judith and This Ascension and perhaps US Darkwave's finest asset the Cruxshadows can only give an indication of what the rest of the CD is like.

The "Curve-ish" sounding Chiwawa and the "Sisters" inspired The Unknowne also greatly impress!

Continuing the US sounding theme Blu from the famed Starvox Magazine in LA has compiled the perfect accompaniment to the Darkcell Digtal and Hidden Sanctuary CDs in the set.

Belisha had me reaching for my stash of corn whiskey and had me fixin for a chargin night on the town with their awesone adrenaline driven track "The Fall Of The Evergreen" a truly amazing track!

As did the fantastic Goth Rock of the Sins and NFD (featuring members from The Fields Of The Nephilim) and The Empire Hideous NYC Metropolitan Area's premier Goth Rock Band, dammit where did I put my cowboy hat!

The Naked and the Dead, Murder At The Registry, and Bella Morte continue this theme and I am hammered into submission already. This CD is American Goth Rock at it's best!

Then Eternia with their track "Rain" steam rolled me and had me whimpering begging for mercy! (woa -mua hahahaha)

Sorry said I could go on all day/night (hehe) lucky I crashed out on the sofa(eh?)!

From Katz - LA scenters, DJ and music collector:
Thanx for that copy of "Trinity 1" v.a cd. I've spun the hell out of it the past couple days. Totally dug Belisha... made me kinda bummed that I missed out on them [when they were in town]. The boppin track by The Brides cap off the comp real well!  A really cheery and upbeat number.  All the other tracks are really good. It's nice to hear a super clear version of The Naked and the Dead track.  It's so crystal clear and wonderful.  Glad they were able to salvage the master tape.  At least I still have the original demo... an artifact, if there ever was one.

Thanx for the copy of the comp.  It just ended just now, so i'm firing it up once more. 

From Metamorph (UK):
It's impressive. It's been a long time since I heard a goth compilation that didn't make me want to skip every other track.

And the Hidden Sanctuary CD has a track from Genowen, "Afraid of Gods". It's very, very good. Genowen are an ex-Tristate Killing Spree (3SKS) project, and I was very fond of 3SKS. But this may actually be better - same top-notch vocals, but a faster pace and livelier song. Oh yes, like this one...

Plus, across the three CDs - Bella Morte (Living Dead - which isn't on the album I've got), Belisha (Fall of the Evergreen - which isn't on the album), Dream Disciples (although it's Room 57, nothing new), Gossamer, NFD, The Sins, Goteki, Freudstein, Judith, This Ascension, Collide, The Cruxshadows... you get the idea... :)

...The NFD track's pretty impressive, btw - just the sort of thundering goth-rock that should have been on the new Neph album.

DJ Xian (LA - Club Noire, Bar Sinister) writes:
Trinity (Vol. 1) - Compilation that Blu sent to me. Features Belisha, The Sins, The Empire Hideous, Bella Morte, Myssouri, The Deep Eynde, Ghoultown, The Brides, and more. EXCELLENT. I'm in love with Myssouri's sinister yet mournful "Open Road," and found Ghoultown's "Ten Seconds To Blood." Great compilation with a variety of gothic rock, deathrock, and strange hybrids.

Greg Fasolino on Trinity:
"Fall of the Evergreen" is most people I've talked to's favorite song on the CD! [It] has such a great forward kinetic. Love the vocals and lead guitar lines. My favorite is Belisha's, followed by "Dial M" (Corey disagrees, but I think it's the catchiest thing he ever wrote), then Bella Morte and Murder at the Registry (love the old new wave stylings). Also love Ghoultown...and Myke's song is BRILLIANT. I had no idea he was such a good singer....I was expecting something either more Misfitsy, or maybe a heavier cheesey thing, more Sistersy. But I loved "Parasite's Bible"--- great dynamics and changes. All in all, we were all so impressed with the overall quality of the bands/songs and especially the mastering. [Belisah] remind me a little of NMA... not a ripoff or anything...a nice unique sound, not overtly goth, or indie. Just sounds like dark, punky classic British rock to me, could slot 'em next to NMA, Lords of New Church, "Strawberries"-era Damned, Godfathers, that sort of thing.