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StarVox uses and networks with alot of music-business people. Some have been good, others have been great. We decided to post the best ones here as a resource for musicans and bands. These are companies we KNOW will treat you right and who we've ordered from or delt with ourselves. Please feel free to contact Blu if you have any questions about what's offered here. Its by no means a complete list of what's available to you so we suggest you shop around when deciding where you money goes. 

DISTRIBUTION for Gothic/Industrial Bands:
  • Darkcell Digital Music 

  • Distribution in the UK as well as globally
  • Middle Pillar

  • limited distribution on Middle Pillar Presents in the US and abroad. 
  • Projekt's Darkwave Distribution:

  • Projekt is interested in distributing ALL cds in this genre. 
    From Sam Rosenthal: They don't "censor" music by asking to get a copy to "approve" first....  if bands want their music distributed through Projekt: Darkwave, all they need to do is follow the instructions. To sign up for Darkwave distribution click here:

Radio Stations that'll get you noticed:

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