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see also The Brides CD Review
Rock and Roll Star Destroyer review
The Brickbats review

A Pre-emptive Halloween celebration of:
The Brides, I mean.. The Brickbats, I mean.. er.. 
Rock and Roll Star Destroyer (?)
~Interview with D.W. Friend and Corey Gorey by Blu
(photos courtesy of D.W. and his alter egos)

D.W. Friend, Corey Gorey and Mister Paul Morden, collectively known as the BRICKBATS, began playing their special brand of "undead rock and or roll music" in the summer of 1995. 1996 saw the release of their debut full length musical recording SING YOU DEAD, some critics called it "DEATH ROCK," some called it "GOTHABILLY," others labeled it "UNDEAD ROCK AND ROLL," . . . most however, . . .ignored it completely. 1998 brought the release of CREEPY CRAWLY (the unauthorized autobiography of undead rock and roll music). It was rumored that a third record and possible fourth record were recorded, but hidden in the catacombs of the Carpathian Mountains, . . .or perhaps, more realistically, they lay dormant in a recording studio in the hometown of ED WOOD, Poughkeepsie New York. 

Although fame and fortune eluded them, the BRICKBATS soldiered on throughout parts of the U.S. and Canada, shaking their noisy death rattle. Sadly (cue VH-1 BEHIND THE MUSIC-music) in the summer of 2001, tragedy hit. As reported in the D.W. FRIEND CLUB (a magazine in celebration of D.W. Friend), "On July the fifth, the BRICKBATS bass player extraordinare, Mister Paul Morden was checked into a local hospital. After several expensive exams, doctors were shocked to find Mister Morden suffered from a rare degenerative brain disorder." Fortunately after an experimental surgery his life had been saved, as a result though, he was convinced it was 1858 and the California Gold Rush was on. With sturdy oxen, Paul headed west, bringing the BRICKBATS brief career to a halt.
Corey Takes Flight
Never being able to sit idly, undead drummer D.W. Friend and doom crooner Corey Gorey, began working under the moniker the BRIDES. However the duo's collective attention span being that of a kitten, they also began working on a GLAM ROCK ODYSSEY called ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER, while D.W. Friend also appeared in the NYC documentary FREAKS, GLAM GODS AND ROCK STARS1, never to be content to sit still Friend and Gorey continue to create and torture patrons of coffee houses on the East coast under the name THE BLACK, BLACK CAFFEINE.

All attempts to get D.W. and Corey Gorey to publically talk about ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER have failed miserably. "D.W. Friend" and "Corey Gorey" will claim to have no knowledge of ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER (Do. W. Friend, Corey-Ti Gorey-Ti, Sir Cyan V.13.0, and the beloved Monochromeo). 

D.W., in a state of tweenkie-induced delerium speaking as his publicist, was overheard to say, " D.W. Friend and Corey Gorey insist they have never heard of ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER, and the members of ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER state, 'they have no idea who D.W. Friend and Corey Gorey are, as they have been traveling on a comet through outer space for many years.'" 


Blu: On the news horizon: I've heard stirrings about a new Brickbats CD on Neue Asthetik Multimedia – do tell!  Will we see Monster Party yet? 

D.W. FRIEND: If I may speak in metaphor, our creation of "our little monster party," was like the creation of a baby. The "conception" of our songs, like procreation often is, was quick yet satisfying. The "job" was done. Now the seeds had been sewn, and it was "natures" turn to grow the seeds. While we, like anxious parents, waited, and waited, and waited, and yes, . . .waited. Nine months came and went and turned into . . .THREE YEARS!!!! 
The Brickbats DW and Mr Morden share a drink!
Now as any mother will tell you, a three year pregnancy is going to be very draining, physically, emotionally, . . .and any other kind of drain you can think of. We were clogged, . . .backed up. Finally, a doctor came in, we will call this doctor "Neue Asthetik Multimedia," and this doctor said, "you're long over due, . . .we'll get this baby out for you." So this "beast," I mean "baby," . . .uh album, will say hello to the world through the help of N.A.M. this Rocktober. Got to and demand your copy. I think they're throwing in some afterbirth with the first 100 orders.

         . . . and Blu, proving our stupidity, it's true, . . .we're pregnant again, and it's name is "LET THE GOOD TIMES ROT." Unless we decide to terminate this pregnancy . . .er, project.

COREY GOREY: We didn't get a divorce though. So there are no motherless children out there. It's hard when such close people get separated, but without lying, there are probably three to four other albums the BRICKBATS could release.

So, in answer to your question (Corey's eyes begin to search the ceiling, in a futile attempt to find an answer), that album will come out, I can't tell you if it looks any good, but it sounds all right,  . . . for a compact disc.

Blu: The Brides. Brides of Frankenstein? Little Women? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? How did this name and project come about? 

COREY GOREY: I really wanted to call the band the BRAIDS!!!, but this guy (points to D.W.) said we didn't have any braids! He wanted to call the band the BRIDES, and when I said we weren't brides either, it didn't seem to matter. He always gets what he wants.

D.W. FRIEND: HERE COME THE BRIDES!!! As "they" say, "You can take the boys out of the macabre, but you can't take the macabre out of the boys!" . . .All right, even if they don't say that, the BRIDES began when Corey and I found ourselves in need of a new "outlet." In the process we created one of the most talked-about horror classics of all time, and an acclaimed sequel to the original FRANKENSTEIN!! No, . . .what, . . .that is the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Actually we "created" a more elegant and fashion oriented brand of death rock. It was time to put away the tattered suits and slide into more refined evening ware. Betsy Johnson has been hired to design all of our outfits. It's really going to be RA-SHA-SHA!!!!

COREY GOREY: We're going for haute couture. None of this cheap fifth hand me down "cock and ball."

D.W. FRIEND: . . .yes, yes, yes. And the music's quite good too!

Blu: Tea or coffee?
When Unexpected...
D.W. FRIEND: The situation usually dictates the drink. With Japanese fare, Green Tea; a cozy fireside chat after a day on the slopes in Aspen, Maple Tea; after spending the night burying the "WHY WON'T YOU DIE!!!" dead, . . .coffee. The BLACK, BLACK CAFFEINE. Which is a perfect time to mention our celebrated coffee house band, THE BLACK, BLACK CAFFEINE. Corey?

COREY GOREY: Well (extending finger), I'll get to that BLACK, BLACK CAFFEINE in a second. I think with coffee or tea, you really have to let the situation dictate the answer. Unfortunately the "situation" almost always involves rain, cigarettes, a lot of work to do, and . . . Seattle. Which usually equals coffee.

When I'm wearing a bowler and shoplifting at HARRODS, there is a 99.44% chance that me and tea will not be meeting in the C-U-P.


COREY GOREY: Oh yeah, THE BLACK, BLACK CAFFEINE. I will be playing the role of "Marquis de Sad," D.W. will be playing the role of "Lord Sutchandsutch," and together we will musically debate the possibilities of using guitars as coffee bean grinders. The full c.d. COUGHA-CUPPY will be available at the end of September, whether you want it or not. And even though we're kidding, we're really not.

Blu: And now,  I hear there's yet a THIRD band? Are you mad?  How many bands can you be in at once? I've heard rumors that aliens abducted the Brides and sent them back down as glam superstars? What’s this project about? 

D.W. FRIEND: I have no idea what you're referring to. (despite denial, ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER, their tribute to all things SCI-FI and GLAM, will be released on ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER RECORDS by the end of the year. Updates can be found at

COREY GOREY: Three bands? Well maybe, you can't count THE BLACK, BLACK CAFFEINE as a "band," but did we mention we're also playing in the JAMESONS, backing Greg from the HALLOWTEENS. Did I also mention we forgot how to sleep? Of course the BRIDES prevail. You would have to talk to the robots and the clones about that other band, . . . what did you call it ROCK AND ROLL STAR DESTROYER?

Blu: Boxers or briefs?

D.W. FRIEND: In brief, I did wear boxers. Now I enjoy boxing in my briefs. But wait until I get my Haines on you!!!

COREY GOREY: As brief as possible.

Blu: How can zombified salivating fans get their grubby paws on this music?

D.W. FRIEND: Well, the MONSTER PARTY can be joined through contacting Neue Asthetik Multimedia, hopefully it will be easy to acquire a copy. I think they're trying to get them in as many "markets" as possible. I think quite literally they'll be putting them in markets, so check your local STOP AND SHOP.

As for the BRIDES, the music has been recorded, and many an executive has been seen rubbing their hands together in an overly excited fashion, dreaming of getting their cookie covered mitts on "our goods." I am hoping for an early new year release. In the meantime, Corey and I can be reached through our website at

COREY GOREY: See a doctor, worry about the music later.

D.W. FRIEND: Now that is practical advice.

Blu: Any plans to play live in the near future?

COREY GOREY: We've put together an ALL-STAR cast and we're all ready turning down the likes of Karl Lagerfeld for the guest list.

D.W. FRIEND: Yes, we've put together a top notch performing quartet. We've got GREG JAW on the bass, and JULIA GHOULIA tickling the ivories. We're currently booking shows, so if you've got a supermarket opening, bar mitzvah, 50th anniversary party or fund raiser, get in touch won't you?

COREY GOREY: When things are fully available we'll take their clothes off and take pictures for you. Wink, Wink.  . . . Did I just smudge my eyeliner? (turning to D.W.)

D.W. FRIEND: No, but you just said "Wink, Wink." out loud.


Blu:  Fruit, on the top or bottom?


COREY GOREY: What was that all about? Do you mean blueberry yogurt? If you open it, and the fruit is on the top, . . .girl, you're in trouble. 

(D.W. is walked back by his "people," and agrees to finish the interview)

Blu: DW – do you still hide underneath stairways? 

D.W. FRIEND: In the past I would sneak into the homes of the people that were fans, and yes, I would hide under their stars and rattle my chains, . . .perhaps moan a little through my prosthetic "ghoul-teeth." However I have since stopped. It became expected of me. I leave that to Marilyn Manson now. Shock 'em dead you knucklehead!!

Blu: Any plans for Halloween yet?

COREY GOREY: Every year my plans get bigger and bigger, and before November 1st even roles around, I usually find myself cursing heavenward and scaring the cats by throwing video tapes across the living room floor in a fruitless effort to find the CURSE OF THE SON OF THE BRIDE OF DRACULA'S WEREWOLF FRANKENSTEIN versus THE YOUNG INVISIBLE MUMMY, . . . because I know it's there somewhere!

D.W. FRIEND: (turning to Corey) What's Halloween?

1Look for cameo appearances from The Brickbats in the John T. Ryan film FREAKS, GLAM GODS AND ROCK STARS -  a movie that came out in NYC theaters at the end of April documenting several New York City bands and performance artists, included were TOILET BOYS, VOLUPTUOUS HORROR OF KAREN BLACK, and my favorite, the BRICKBATS! 

The Brides official website:

The Brides on mp3:

Rock and Roll Star Destroyer on mp3:

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