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Dec 01 - Concert Reviews & Interviews: Seattle Concert Reviews:The Deep Eynde, The Spectres, Mr. Badwrench,The Sins & The Prids, Gossamer, Milkbaby, Judith.

Dec 01 - CD Reviews: Accession Records, Aborym, Ancient Gallery, Agathodaimon, Bathory, Belphegor, Bernadette McCallion, Carfax Abbey, Cesium:137, The Changelings, Dark Muse, Destroyer666, Dragonlord, Enslavement of Beauty, Godflesh, Headhunter Death Cult, Hecate Enthroned, Holy Cow, Lucid Dementia, The Last Mushrooms, Mortiis, Mr. Badwrench, Mr. Underhill, Nanochrist, Narc, Nephasth, Nomenclature, Oxygen Law, Peter Murphy, Pure Drama, Rasputina, Sabrina, Sapphic Ode, Sullen Bliss, Synthetic Dream Foundation, Skinflowers, The Spectres, Shadow Reichenstein, Testament, Toxic Shock Syndrome, VLE, Windir, Working with Children and Animals: Volume 1, Yettering, Zyklon 

Nov 01 Interviews, Concert reviews: Clan of Xymox, Tristania, Soulwhirlingsomewhere, Converter/Manufactura/Sonar 

Nov 01 - CD Reviews: Alio Die & Amelia Cuni, Anathema Amber Spyglass, Charlottesville, Dawn Desiree, Darkness Enshroud, Bill and John Storch, Experimental Blue, Immaculate Black, The Mansions, Maudlin of the Well, A Midnite Choir, My Dying Bride, The Morticians, The Midnite Stream, Moth Wranglers, Neptune Crush, November's Doom, Very Introspective, Actually: A Tribute to The Pet Shop Boys, Rakit, Robert Rich, Rachael's.Surrender, Sex, Death and Eyeliner Soundtrack, Skully Records Gothabilly Comps, Skinny Puppy, Soulwhirlingsomewhere, They, VLE, The Wagner Logic, Clan of Xymox

Sept 01 - Oct 01 Concert Reviews and Features : Acts Magdalena, RITUAL: A Benefit for the World Trade Center Victims- Performances by: Velocity Chyaldd, Gabrielle Penerbaz, Voltaire; The Brides, cEvin Key, Cinema Strange, Rhea's Obsession, SPF1000

Sept 01 - Oct 01 Interviews: Curve, Carl Mohr, Mother Destruction, Patricia Morrison (of the Damned), Whimsical

Sept 01 - Oct 01 CD Reviews Prt 2: Mira, Moonspell, Necrophorus, Nexus 6, New Mind, Oberon, Pain, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Reversal Penetrations, The Sheila Devine, State of Being, Only Sorrow, SPF1000, Sub Static Relapse, Soul Whirling Somewhere, Twisted Forever: a Tribute to Twisted Sister, Tristania, Underground Network Intelligence, Vedisni, Vampire Nation, :wumpscut:, Whimsical

Sept 01 - Oct 01 CD Reviews Prt 1: Aarktica, And Also the Trees, Agalloch, Averse Sefira, ATP and Nicotine, Bitter Fall, the Brides, Component Records, Crowd Control Activities, Cryptomnesia, Cinema Strange, Cydonia, Dream Disciples, David E Williams, Doppler Effects Records, Dubok, The Empire Hideous, Eisheilig, The Fall, Front Line Assembly, Frank the Baptist, Fluorescent Tunnelvision, Haujobb, Hollenthon, I, Parasite, Interzone, Liquid Image, LS: TTL, Lustmord, Mayhem, 

August 01 CD Reviews Prt 1: AnimadVersion, Artemiy Artemiev, Attrition, Audra, Emilie Autumn, The Azoic, Belfegor, Beyond Salem, Bloodthorn, Chaism, Clare Voyant, Current 93, Daeonia, Deathline Int'l, Deedrah, Earthbound Smoke Ghost, The Faces of Sarah, Faith, Falling You, Fog, Ghoultown, Hand of God, Heaven Falls Hard, Hollydrift, Holy Cow, Jennifer Hope, HOTH(e), cEvin Key, Lacrimas Profundere, Loretta's Doll, Lost Horizon, Lovesick, Lucyfire, Lustmord, Lycia

August 01 CD Reviews Prt 2: Mors Syphilitica, My Dying Bride, Neurosis, Paradise Lost, Pathian, Peccatum, The Prids, Rammstein, Rhea's Obsession, Scary Valentine, Second Skin, The Shadow Cabinet, Starfish Pool, Steve Roach, Sumerland, This Ascension, Thous Shalt Not, Thread, True Colour of Blood, The Unquiet Void, Unto Ashes, Wolfsheim; CLASSICS: David Bowie, Rasputina, The Teargarden;  V/A: Accession Records Volume One, Funeral Songs, Invasion of the Nanomachines, The Nature of Gothic: The Whitby Compilation, New Violent Breed 2

August 01 Concert Reviews and Club Scene: Noitrix and DeathLine International, Inertia / Project X, Pactific Northwest Talent Pool featuring: Faith & Disease, Luminous Flux, Murder of Crows, Noxious Emotion, Rasputina, SPF 1000, Sumerland, Forbidden

August 01 Features: Classics: The Best CDs You're not listening to: Deathwatch Beetle Repairman, Die My Darling, Rhea's Obsession

August 01 Interviews: Audra, Rasputina, Sumerland, Torsion

June 01 CD Reviews Prt 1: Adfinem, The Arid Sea, Ashes You Leave, Avrigus, Caustic Soul, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Christus Christus, Collusion Inc., Consecrated, Cruciform Injection, Destination Venus, Diorama, D.U.S.T, Em Sinfonia, Exceed 6 Doses, Exist, Eyes of Pandora, The Garden, The Grey Skies, The Girl Pool, Hate, Martijn De Kleer, Krisiun, Lacuna Coil, Little Evil Things, The Machine in the Garden, Midnight Syndicate, Mira, Monster Movie

June 01 CD Reviews Prt 2: Moonchild, Nebulous, Nekrovox, Nightwish, OhGr, One for Jude, Orchards & Vines, Penance, Rajna, Regenerator , Rotting Christ, Second Skin, Since the Accident, Strange Angels, Suture Seven, This Morn' Omina, Tony Stouffer, Ulver, vidnaObmana & Steve Roach, Wall, 13th Sky, Various Artists: Blessed By The Night: Dark Metal Compilation; Covered in Goth/ Gothic Vampires from Hell; Projekt Sampler  Late Summer 2000

June 01 Concert Reviews and Interviews: Flash to Bang Time, Ohgr, Mary Bielich, Salome's Wish, SMP, Trance to the Sun, vidnaObmana.

June 01 Features: Audra, My Dying Bride, The Machine in the Garden

May 01 CD Reviews: Bent with Light, Die My Darling, Diode Fetish, Libra1, LoveSick, Neurepublik, Gary Numan, Somber Thirteen13

May 01 Concert Reviews: Bella Morte, Covenant and And One, Fancy with Crybaby, Low with Labradford, Myssouri, Voltaire

May 01 Features: GothCon 

May 01 Interviews: 3SKS, Gary Numan, lowsunday, LoveSick, 

April 01 CD Reviews pt1: Russian Gothic:Anatoly Pereselegin, Artemiy Artemiev & Peter Frohmader, DVAR, Edward Artemiev,, ...and Oceans, Arcana, Arise From Thorns, Avernus, Basque, Breather, Carfax Abbey, Celebratum, Chiasm, Cinema Strange, Crescendo, Dark Star, Deathline International, Decadence, Department, Diecast, Die My Darling, Demain, Dimmu Borgir, Diverje, DoomsDay Kult, Dreams in Exile, Drop Shadow, Evoken, The Faces of Sarah, Flowers for Luci, Forlorn, Frolic, Funker Vogt

April 01 CD Reviews pt2: Ghoultownk, Hungry Lucy, Hank & Slim, Ikon, Innercooler, Katatonia, Korovakill, lowsunday, Lycia, MarkD, Massochist Halo, Myssouri, The Night Eternal, The November Loop, Opeth, Placebo, Pine Street State Mind Control, Ramona the Pest, Rapoon, Sopor Aeternus, Serpent Eclipse, Steve Roach, Swayzak, Triple Point, Trance to the Sun,  Uglyhead, The Unquiet Void

April 01 Interviews: DoomsDayKult, Evoken, Katatonia, lowsunday, Benjamin Stauffer, Thorns Of The Carrion, voice industrie, Monica Richards, Sherry Salazar

(March - no issue)

Feb 01 Features: Deathrock is back: Kommunity FK, Women Who Rock: Jarboe, Steven Severin

Feb 01 Concert & Club Reviews: Bella Morte, Fear of Dolls, Abney Park, Written in Ashes, The Flowers for Luci, Ghoultown, Pineal Ventana, Communion Club Review, 

Feb 01 Interviews: Clan of Xymox, Decoded Feedback, Louisa John-Kroll, Nano, Necare, Steven Severin, Theatre of the Macabe, Unto Ashes

Feb 01 CD Reviews: Aenima, And One, Angels of Venice, Artemiy Artemiev & Phillip B. Klingler, Ataraxia, Bathory, Battery, Communion's MP3 Comps, Converterm Cult of the Psychic Fetus, Danse Macabre, Dia, Die Form, Eternia, Ex Nihilo, Flare, GraveWorm, Hybrid, Launch, Le’rue Delashay, Lycia, lxl, ML, Mephisto Walz, Morgenstern, Murder of Crows, NANOBEAT w/MOTHER, Leslie Nuss. Polterchrist, Primal Fear, Saints of Eden, Schema, Temple of Misery, Translucence, Whisper Diminish, Thorns Of The Carrion, Torch, Trail of Tears, Vampire Nation, Various Artisits: A Gothic/Industrial Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins, Various Artists Projekt's Winter 2000 sampler, Various Artists Summon Room: A Compilation of Spoken Word Artists, Various Artists Transcendence - a dark culture sampler, Various Artists A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails: Re-Covered In Nails
January 01 Features: Claire Voyant, Middle Pillar's Butoh Compilation, Myssouri, Paul Morden and the Memphis Morticians

January 01 CD Reviews: 
Agalloch, Attrition, Autumn, Bela, The Clearing, Collide, Deine Lakaien, Disturbed, Diva Destruction, Fading Colours, Faith Assembly, Fiction8, Flare, A Flock of Seagulls, Gowan Ring, HPP, JackieOnAssid, Juno Reactor, Lahká Múza, Lusine, Mindless Faith, Sleepless, SMP, Theatre of Tragedy, Voice Industrie, We, The Gods, ZymOsiZ, Various Artists: Cleopatra's Dark Noise 2000: A Compilation of Gothic and Industrial Club Tracks

January 01 Interviws: Attrition, Collide,  Concrete Nature, JackieOnAssid, Lusine, Index

January 01 Concert Reviews:  Aphelion, Attrition, The Cruxshadows, Juno Reactor

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